New products Hasamu® A4

We are pleased to announce the release of our new products

Hasamu® A4 -Liscio-.

A minimalist A4 case to expand your ideas

This is a tool to carry half-size A4 paper, open it, and hang it freely to expand your thinking creatively and develop your ideas.

Let us explain the motivation behind the development of this product.

Effective use of the paper backing

The motivation for developing this product was to make effective use of the paper backing in our company. As we continued to actually use it, we realized that because it is lined paper, it is easy to freely write anything on it without worrying about the number of sheets.
To develop ideas, it is important to have an environment where you can write without stress. Regular A4 copy paper is versatile and excellent, but effective use of lined paper is not only an environmental measure, but also a highly recommended way to get the best ideas.

A Tool to Expand Ideas

The other thing we want is for you to use tools that allow you to think more freely. More and more people are using digital tools from the beginning when developing ideas. However, there is a time lag and functional limitations in the process of launching an app, selecting a tool, and adjusting the scale.
The hand is a tool directly connected to the brain. Nothing beats pen and paper for the feeling of being able to directly express what you think in your head and get immediate feedback.
Hasamu® A4 was designed to be a minimalist tool that is as unobtrusive and portable as possible in this process.

The product is still under development and specific sales details have not yet been finalized.