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Article: Free printing templates are now available.


Free printing templates are now available.

Prior to the launch of Hasamu® A4, we have started distributing free downloadable printable templates.

Printable Templates

We also offer original perspective templates and other templates useful for architects, interior designers, illustrators, and other designers.

If you have other templates you would like to see, please feel free to request them.

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Ortensia Monocromoの革

Leather of Ortensia Monocromo

Currently crowdfunding on the official websiteHitoe Fold Aria -Oretensia Hitoe Fold Aria -Monocromo- Hitoe Fold Aria -Monocromo- is made of a very different type of leather. All of our previous p...

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9冠達成 iF Design Award 2022 受賞

Received the "iF Design Award 2022".

We are pleased to announce that " Hitoe® Fold Aria " has won the German design award "iF DESIGN AWARD 2022" in the category "Leisure" in the product category. Official iF page The iF DESIGN AWAR...

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