Cumulative crowdfunding reaches 300 million yen

The total amount raised by crowdfunding from 2018 has exceeded 300 million yen.
In this milestone, I will explain why SYRINX uses crowdfunding.

The reason why SYRINX does crowdfunding is to spread awareness of SYRINX products and to develop products from the user's perspective by "design thinking". In other words, we want more people to sympathize with the SYRINX brand and create even more attractive products based on everyone's voice.
Amounts are the result of accumulating them, not goals or goals.

SYRINX was born to make every day lighter. We sell original products with a strong awareness of portability under the theme of "lightening the body and mind."

Product development usually reflects the opinions of various stakeholders, including designers, manufacturing, and sales. The result is less risk, but less creative.
As you read, "original" is something that you create by yourself. All SYRINX products start with ideas that are not bound by Sato's preconceived notions, which is also a representative and chief designer and an architect.

It is neither market research nor the people involved in judging the quality of the idea. Everyone.
With the meaning of "Designer to Consumer" on D2C (Direct to Consumer), we directly ask the world about original products by crowdfunding. As a result, if you get a high evaluation, you can confirm that it is an attractive product. In addition, we receive many opinions and impressions from crowdfunding users. We take those voices seriously and continue to evolve into new products and renewals. And again, we will ask the world about its value by crowdfunding.

With everyone's voice, SYRINX has grown.
Going forward, we will continue to work with you to develop products that will be loved for a long time, with the aim of having more people sympathize with the vision of SYRINX.

[Representative projects implemented so far]

・ HITOE L-zip L (started in November 2019) 23,102,400 yen

・ HITOE FOLD (started in February 2020) 51,795,439 yen

・ HITOE FOLD ARIA (started in December 2020) 78,540,000 yen

・ HITOE FOLD -Liscio- (Started in April 2021) 45,229,610 yen (* Held until June 23)