New series "Aria"

We are pleased to announce the start of production of the new "Aria" series.
A new series that is thin and as light as air.

Italian Vacetta leather adopted as the best leather for speakers.
SYRINX's leather items began by making effective use of the leather used for this speaker, and have developed products that are particular about the characteristics of leather. However, since last year, the main customers have reversed, and leather items have become the core of the business.

This new series is a big leap forward.
"Extreme design with the best materials and the best technology"

"Aria" is a series that uses thin leather solid (glued on the entire surface).
It is a luxurious specification that makes two thinly strained leathers glued together without using a core material to make it stronger and thinner.
It takes a wealth of experience and skill to finish two thin pieces of leather without floating or bending when folded, giving the illusion of one piece. Also, because it does not rely on the core material, the difference in thickness of 0.1 mm makes the tension completely different. Furthermore, the characteristics will change greatly depending on the combination of leather used.

The strength and firmness normally required are adjusted using the core material. However, SYRINX makes the best use of the characteristics of the material itself and does not use a core material. Until today, we have carefully repeated the trial and error to determine the suitable leather and thickness, from the soft and soft texture that is completely soft to the crisp and firm texture, and we have the prospect of using it for multiple products. ..

The first in the Aria series is the origin of SYRINX's leather items, and is a masterpiece that has won seven domestic and international design awards.
It is a "TSUTSUMU business card holder".

The solid leather used in this product is not only thin and strong, but also has excellent shape stability.
The inside is also silver, which makes the business card slippery.

From this "new TSUTSUMU", SYRINX will evolve to a new stage.

The following 6 colors (3 gray colors and 3 dark colors) are planned to be prepared first.