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Article: New series "Aria"


New series "Aria"

We are pleased to announce the start of production of the new "Aria" series.
This new series is thin and light as air.

Italian vacchetta leather was adopted as the best leather for speakers.
SYRINX's leather items began with the effective use of this leather used for speakers, and we have been developing products focusing on the characteristics of leather. Since last year, however, the main customers have reversed course and leather items have become the core of our business.

This new series is a big leap forward from the past.
Aria" is a new series of leather items that is a big leap forward from the previous series.

Aria" is a series that uses thin leather with a solid surface (glued over the entire surface).
It takes a
lot of experience
and skill to make
two thin pieces of leather look
like a
single piece
even when folded, without any lifting or deflection
Also, because it does not rely on a core material, a difference in thickness of 0.1mm makes the tension feel completely different. Furthermore, the combination of leathers used also greatly changes the characteristics.

Normally, the necessary strength and firmness are adjusted by using a core material. SYRINX, however, makes the most of the characteristics of the material itself and does not use a core material. Through careful trial and error, we have found the right leather and thickness, from soft and soft texture with no firmness to crisp and firm texture, and have reached a point where we can utilize the leather for multiple products.

The first product in the Aria series
is the "TSUTSUMU business card case
," the starting point of SYRINX's leather items and a masterpiece that has won seven domestic and international design awards.

The solid leather used for this product is not only thin and strong, but also has excellent shape stability.
The interior also has a silver surface that allows business cards to slide easily.

From this "new TSUTSUMU", SYRINX will evolve to a new stage.

The first six colors available will be as follows (3 grayish colors and 3 dark colors).

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