Advertising policy

Since October 2020, SYRINX has been operating the "Advertising Policy" so that customers can purchase with confidence .

In the past, we have also conducted affiliate and free monitor campaigns. However, even if we receive favorable reviews from such actions, it is not a sincere attitude toward our customers.

In Japan, there is no law to control stealth marketing, and cases where native advertisements and influencer advertisements do not clarify the fact that money or samples are provided are widespread even in major media.

SYRINX does not carry out such public relations activities. For example, even if we rent out samples, we will not provide them free of charge because it is profitable.
By doing so, you can be confident that non-advertising articles, reviews and videos are created by uninterested and fair third parties.

I think it is a rare case to express such a policy, but I thought that correcting my own collar would be the foundation of a relationship of trust with customers, so I announced it.