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Mekuru® Pen Case - Liscio -


Flip" pen case


A small pen case for adults."
Mekuru" fits neatly in the side pocket of a bag or the breast pocket of a jacket, and allows you to carry only 2-4 important pens, smartly.


Challenges of a slim pen case

For those who carry an elite few pens, a slim and small pen case that fits in a bag or pocket is perfect.
However, the slimmer the pen case, the harder it is to see what is inside, and the harder it is to take out a pen. It is not smart if you cannot take out a pen smoothly.
Mekuru" is slim, yet solves this problem.

Flip it open and take it out in a jiffy.

A unique feature of Mekuru is that the zipper is turned all the way around to the rear side. This ingenious feature allows the user to "flip" the top and remove the contents with a minimum of movement.
This "flipping" sensation is pleasant to the touch because of the luxurious 2mm thick leather. You can use it for a long time without worrying about the lining fraying.


Open wide to use as a pen tray


By opening the zipper wide, it can be used as a convenient pen tray while on the desk.

Compact and lean


Holds 2-4 pens.
Because it is compact, we focused on a lean and dense size.
The leather is not bound together, and the zippers are used as gussets, so there is no waste in size at all. The exceptional leather and the perfect size make this a comfortable pen case.

Attention to detail


The zipper pull is an original, custom-ordered mold from YKK.
The surface has a simple design consisting only of straight lines and circles, with no logo. The holes are perfectly circular to prevent unnecessary force from being applied to the slider and to ensure durability.
The brand logo is engraved on the back of the puller as inconspicuously as possible, so as not to spoil the simple design. The convex shape also serves as a non-slip surface. The thicker the tip, the easier it is to pick up.
Although it is a very small part, it is a condensation of SYRINX's design philosophy.

EXCELLA," the highest quality YKK zipper, is the pride of Japan.


For the zipper, YKK's top-of-the-line "EXCELLA" zipper, which is used by many high brands, is adopted.
The difference between EXCELLA and ordinary zippers is that each element is carefully polished to the utmost precision. However, unless you use a loupe, you can hardly tell the difference from the outside. In fact, you will be surprised if we tell you that the normal metal fastener moves more smoothly. Since EXCELLA has less play in the engagement, it is harder to use at the beginning, and you may feel a little snagging.
It is because they are different in durability. The less precise the fastener is, the less engagement, the lighter the movement is, but the longer you use it, the more trouble you will have, such as the fastener coming off. Each of the teeth (metal parts that mesh with each other) is carefully polished to the utmost precision, and the durability of EXCELLA is said to be several times greater than that of ordinary fasteners. The more it is used, the smoother the movement becomes.
Although EXCELLA is usually used for high-end wallets and is rarely used for pen cases, we are particular about its high quality because it is opened and closed many times every day.


"Liscio" means "smooth" in Italian. The leather used in this series is "Vacetta leather", which has been handed down in Tuscany, Italy since the beginning of the 9th century. This leather is tanned with natural tree tannins and carefully soaked with oil. The biggest feature is that it mainly uses neatsfoot oil in the greasing process, and it has a unique suppleness. Neatsfoot oil does not easily penetrate into leather, and it takes time to penetrate deep into the fibers. However, once it penetrates, it is hard to come off, and you can enjoy the moisturized and glossy leather quality almost forever.
With its sticky smoothness, it is beautifully deepened in color and stands out among the many Italian leathers.

Deepening color gloss and aging

Vivid and transparent coloring is done with dyes only. Scratches and stains are not hidden by embossing or pigments, so they remain as they are. However, the fact that you can enjoy the texture of raw leather as it is is proof that it is the highest quality natural leather. Please accept the scratches and stains as a unique personality.
The more you use the dyed leather, the deeper the color becomes and you can enjoy aging. When it comes to aging, there is no leather to the right of Vacetta leather. It is beautiful and deepens the color in a short time.
Since it is a leather that grows together, it is also ideal as a gift for new beginnings such as admission, promotion, and employment.

Aging example

Smooth and sticky texture. There is a sense of transparency that shows the expression of the raw leather. The more you use it, the deeper the color and luster.

Camel Camel : The color of camel hair. Bright yellowish brown.
Chestnut Chestnut : Maroon. Reddish brown.
Teal Teal : The color of the duck's face. The blue-green color gradually becomes darker.
Black Black : From a matte look to a glossy black.

No need for oil care

The oil that has soaked into the fibers oozes out from the pores as it is used, coating the surface and giving it a glossy appearance. Therefore, no oil care is required.
Please note that adding ready-made leather oil may cause the leather to become too oily and too soft.
The best maintenance is to do nothing and give the leather a proper stimulus.
Since it is not coated, the surface is soft and easily scratched, but some scratches will heal naturally if you rub it with your finger. Even deep scratches become familiar with aging and change to a leather texture.

* A delicate finish is applied so that you can enjoy the original charm of high-quality leather. Therefore, there is a possibility that natural marks such as wrinkles and scratches that originally existed may appear.

Dimensions: Approx. W.165 x H.45 x D.15
Product weight: approx. 43g
Leather: Italian vegetable-tanned leather (vachetta method)
Country of manufacture: Japan
Intellectual property: Trademark registration No. 6411510

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Sibilla Navy / Sを購入して半年。仕事上使い分けている万年筆、ボールペン、シャープペンシルの持ち運びのために。ペリカンM400の12mm軸径もFABER-CASTELLの140mmLも、いずれも余裕で入りました。思い入れのある大切なペン3本を一緒に最小のケースで持ち歩けないかと探した果てに出会ったこのペンケースに大満足。以来常に手元に。
一点残念だったのは、「大きく開いてペントレーに」した後にファスナーが非常に閉じヅライこと。全開するために一旦下角を通り過ぎた引手がなかなか戻らない…よってペントレー使用は避けています。この部分の処理に工夫が必要では? ファスナー開閉時に持ち方に工夫しないと引き手金物がペンに当たる感じは仕方ないか… 








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