Color: Misty Black

Tsutsumu® Clutch A3 Bi-Fold - Foschia


Japanese Beauty Wraps the Heart


In Japan, there is a culture of carefully wrapping important things, such as furoshiki used for gifts, fukusas, and noshibukuro. We designed this clutch bag based on this traditional Japanese aesthetic of wrapping.
A single piece of leather is folded over beautifully like origami to wrap A3 size documents, tablet devices and laptops in A4 size. Elegantly removing important documents from this case will transform your presentation into something prestigious.

A4 size up to A3

A3 ドキュメントケース

Designed by an architect, the case's A4-size exterior allows A3 drawings, documents, and sheet music to be carried without creasing; an A4 clear file (w.220 h.310 mm) can also fit in the case.
There is no stitching around the perimeter, so there is no waste in size.

Attractive thick leather and minimalist form


leather used for this clutch bag is waxed, taut, and smooth to the touch. The leather used for this clutch bag is waxed and smooth to the touch, and the more you use it, the more beautifully and tastefully it changes.
The high quality leather is made into a luxurious 70 x 43 cm single piece, with the original thickness that allows you to enjoy the full flavor of the leather.
The edge lines are flowing and continuous in a minimalist form.
Please note that due to the large size of the leather, natural marks (small scratches, wrinkles, and stains) are inevitable.)

It can also hold a laptop and small accessories.


13" MacBookPro (h.1.56 w.30.41 d.21.24 cm), MacBookAir (h.1.61 w.30.41 d.21.24 cm), 12.9" iPad Pro (h.6.4 w.21.49 d.28.06 cm) and other tablet devices or laptop It can also accommodate a top.
In addition, small items such as a pencil case or business card holder can be safely stored in the deep pocket side.
Everything is gently wrapped up together and you can dash off to work with only this case in your hand.

No Damage to Valuable Contents


The inside of the hook hardware is covered with leather to prevent staining or damaging important storage items.


The Tsutsumu® A3 series has been recognized both nationally and internationally with numerous records and awards.


おもてなしセレクション 2018
Omotenashi Selection 2018
Tsutsumu® A3

The Tsutsumu® A3 Awards were established with the aim of discovering and promoting to the world products and services that are full of the spirit of hospitality and excellence of Japan. The awards are given to products and services that are born out of a consideration for the people who use them, and that have been improved upon while continuing to carry on the traditions of the past.

Crowd Funding

The project has been highly evaluated for its value to the world.


1,870,200 yen / 95 persons
Tsutsumu® A3 v.2018 -Liscio-


1,794,000 yen / 60 people
Tsutsumu® A3 v.2020 -Foschia-
1,853,800 yen / 62 people
Tsutsumu® A3 v.2020 -Foschia-

Dimensions: approx. W.225 x H.320 x D.30
Product weight: approx. 390g
Material :Cowhide
Production : Tokyo, Japan
Intellectual Property: Design Registration No. 1595192
     Trademark Registration No. 6358066

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Document case

Key holders. I have purchased a business card case, a pen case, and a wallet. I like them all because they are well made. The ideas are innovative and fun to use. When I inquired about the document case because the button backing was not attached, I was surprised at how quickly they responded to my inquiry, and at the same time, I felt that they are working sincerely to create their products. I will continue to use it with care.

Thank you for your feedback.
We apologize again for any defects in the product.
This case has been well received by designers and architects.
We hope you will continue to use our products.

Definitely a product to be proud of!

I carry my computer, charging adapter, mobile battery, etc. in it.
The SurfacePro 7 can be stored with the pen attached to the side.
Without the pen, there is a margin of about one finger, but the height is just right, so it never slides down.

Smaller items can slide out when opening the case, so be careful.
I don't feel that this is a problem, as small items can be neatly organized in a small pouch, preventing them from slipping out.

The thickness of the pouch makes it a little bulky for chargers, etc., but since they can fit inside, this one is sufficient for minimal nomadic work.

Above all, when I took it out of the bag, I was very happy to hear my meeting partner say how cool it looked because of its unparalleled texture and visual appeal.

I carry it with me almost every day now.
It's only been a week and the bloom hasn't worn off yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it will change over time.

Thank you for the report on its use in the precious surface.
It is by no means a product with a lot of storage space, but I think you can use it as a bag when you only need the bare essentials, and as a bag-in-bag for your laptop or tablet at other times.
Thank you for your continued support.

Love the feel of it.

Until now, I have carried my notebook, pen, and smartphone around naked because I didn't have just the right case.
It slides around.
They fall apart.
Not good looking!
This product is the perfect solution to all these problems!

And the feel is great!
I am happy to have found a product that I want to use forever!
I look forward to more great products in the future.

Thank you for your feedback.
We are honored that you like our product.
We have one concern, please be careful not to put the pen in the pen case, otherwise it may fall out through the gap.

I enjoy my work.

 I take my iPad, company-issued notebook, and A4 clear file to meetings with clients because of my job.

 I used to put the iPad in a leather case, the notebook naked, and the clear file in a cardboard document case, but I was dissatisfied with the company-supplied design of the notebook and the document case becoming worn out.

 Now I enter the meeting room with all items in the Tsutsumu, plus the Mekuru pen case. I love the fact that each item can be moved around neatly without being separated, and above all, I love the texture of the leather, which becomes even more attractive as it is used more and more, compared to the cardboard document case, which was great when it was new.

 The texture of the thick leather is superb, and I find myself touching it in my spare time. However, the simple design of the bag makes it smaller, so the aforementioned items occupy less space in the bag than before, and the bag does not get bulky.

 Nothing makes me happier than being able to work with high quality products.

 I can't wait for my wallet to arrive in May. I look forward to seeing what kind of products you will continue to make for us.

Thank you for your feedback.
The motivation for developing this product was precisely that paper document cases quickly become shabby, so we are very pleased that we were able to resolve a similar complaint.
We look forward to your continued support.

This item allows me to enjoy a long and gradual change in fragrance and color.

I use it for work to hold my 13-inch laptop and office supplies such as pens. Because it slides if it is not the right size, you need to be careful about small items slipping out when you open it, and if you plan to store a PC, I think you should measure it carefully before purchasing.

Although I had confirmed from the product image that it was white in its unused state, it was whiter than I had expected, just like a fog, and I was surprised when I saw the actual product upon arrival. At the same time, I was very much looking forward to seeing the changes in the future.

Basically, I carry it in my bag when I commute to work and carry it in my hand for a short time when I travel within the company. I have been using it for about 10 days now.

Every time I use it, I can see that the mist on the part of the bag that touches my hand or the material of the bag is gradually clearing up, and I enjoy the difference in shading from the other parts of the bag every day.

The leather smells good and is very pleasant.
Overall, the white of the fog is still very thick.
I am not sure how much it will be affected by the temperature, but as the weather gets warmer, I am looking forward to seeing how it will change.

Thank you for your feedback.
Using it for internal meetings is exactly how we envisioned using it.
Regarding the size of the notebook PC that can be stored, the 13-inch MacBookPro listed as a reference in the product description is almost the maximum size, and I think it is safe to say that anything larger than this would be difficult to store.
We hope you will continue to use this product.