TSUTSUMU A3 Document Case

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Hospitality Selection 2018


It was highly praised for sublimating Japan's unique culture and aesthetic sense into a simple design, and was selected for "Omotenashi Selection 2018".

~ What is hospitality selection ~
Japanese hospitality quality selected by judges from around the world.
This award is given to outstanding hospitality products that represent Japan, born from delicate care and craftsmanship.

A look like a haze "Foschia" series

"Foschia", an Italian word for "haze". The more you use it, the more the white wax rubs and penetrates, and the haze becomes clear, giving the leather a transparent look.

The Foschia seriesIn addition to this document case, pen cases, business card holders, and key cases are planned in the future.

Luxuriously wrapped in Japanese hospitality with one piece of leather

Single leather document case

In Japan, there is a culture of carefully wrapping important things such as furoshiki, fukusa, and bonito bags used for gifts. The document case was designed from the traditional Japanese aesthetic of "wrapping".
We fold one piece of leather beautifully like origami and wrap materials, tablet terminal, laptop to A3 size. Gracefully pull out important documents and tablet devices from this case and your presentation will turn into a magnificent one.

Thick leather charm and minimal form

The flowing edge of a leather document case

"Because it is an important material, wrap it in the best material"
The leather used for this document case is braided, taut and smooth to the touch. And the more you use it, the more beautiful and delicious it changes.
The high-quality leather is luxuriously made with a single piece of leather of about 705 x 430mm while keeping the original thickness of the leather to the fullest.
The edge line has a minimal form that is continuous and flowing, creating a neat atmosphere suitable for business.

A4 size up to A3

A3 Document Case

Because it is a case designed by the architect, it can carry A4 size drawings, materials, and scores without folds. Also contains A3 clear file (w.4 h.220 mm).
Also, because there is no stitch, there is no waste in size.

Minimalistic bag for laptops and accessories

Document case that can be used as a bag

Tablets and laptops are now essential items for presentations. Holds up to 13-inch MacBookPro (h.1.49 w.30.41 d.21.24 cm), MacBookAir (h.1.56 w.30.41 d.21.24 cm), and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (h.5.9 w.21.49 d.28.06 cm) Possible.
In addition, accessories such as pen cases and business card holders can be used with confidence in the deep pocket side.
Gently wrap it all together, and go to the presentation with this case alone.

Do not hurt important contents

Backing inside leather document case

The inside of the hook hardware is covered with leather so as not to stain or damage important items.

Careful tailoring by skilled Japanese leather craftsmen

Hook hardware of leather document case

SYRINX's lean minimal design requires high precision. For this reason, SYRINX products are carefully tailored by skilled domestic craftsmen one by one to provide the quality and security of MADE IN JAPAN. The hardware is a solid Japanese brass hook with high reliability. The more you use it, the more it tastes.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: About W.225x H.320 x D.30
Product weight: Approximately 390 g
Material: Cowhide (made in Italy)
Production: Tokyo (Japan)
Intellectual Property: Design Registration No. 1595192

* For product warranty and handling precautions click hereto see the available categories of products and services.

hazeLook like Foschia

"Foschia", an Italian word for "haze". A series with a white wax look like a haze.
The tannin tanned double shoulder is made of white waxed leather, and the white powder is called wax. The more you use it, the more the wax on the surface rubs and penetrates, and the haze becomes clear, giving the leather the original transparent look.

Sybilla aging

The leather has a firm impression on the surface while containing enough oil.
The shoulder is also a part that contains lots of rose scratches, uneven color, blood streaks and tigers (wrinkles), and you can enjoy the expression unique to natural leather.
No oil or wax is required, so no maintenance is required.

* Please note the transfer of wax to dark clothing.

Sybilla nero Nero(black)
Sybilla navyNavy
Sybilla t.moroT. Moro (dark brown)
Sybilla papayaPapaya

The cattle are grazed on the ranch so that they can grow healthy without stress. The cow is engraved with the "living proof (natural mark)" on the leather.
・ Scratch: Original skin scars, scratches and spots.
-Uneven color: The fiber density and thickness are different. Occurs depending on lots and parts.
Blood line: A streak pattern in which traces of blood vessels immediately below become dark.
・ Tiger: Streaky stripes at places where wrinkles tend to come close, such as near the neck
Usually, these are often hidden by embossing and pigments, in which case the original texture of leather is lost.
The finish that makes use of the base material like this leather may have natural marks, but you can enjoy the original texture of leather.
The Natural Mark is a proof of good quality natural leather, and we ask that you acknowledge it as the unique character of the product.

傷 Stain Blood line Wrinkle

(Scratches, uneven color, blood lines, wrinkles)

If SYRINX products are used for their original purpose within the scope of common sense, a warranty period of one year from the date of purchase is provided for material and structural defects.
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