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We want to try before you buy.

Although SYRINX does not sell physical products, we will deliver samples of our products to the domestic address you specify in order for you to check them out.
You will not only be able to see and touch the products as in a regular showroom.
During the loan period, you can actually use the product and check its usability.

Currently, the number of products available for trial is limited, but will be expanded in the future.

Cherish the life you have given us

The DOKODEMO SHOWROOM is also an activity to make effective use of products that would normally be discarded. At the root of this is our desire to "use with care the life we have received.
We also make effective use of photography samples, loaned products, and B-grade products.
Therefore, the products we deliver are not brand new, and you will be able to see how they have actually been used, which is normally impossible to know.
Also, please understand that the products may have already been tried and tested by many people and may have scratches or stains.

How to use

Lending [Shipping fee required (440 yen if less than 11,000 yen)
  1. Place your order by clicking the "Add to Cart" button. The product amount shown for each item will be kept as a deposit. (Shipping charges will not be returned.)
  2. You will receive a sample. Since the samples will be used by others for trial purposes, we ask that you take good care of them and do not intentionally damage them.
  3. If you like the sample, you may purchase it for the deposit. (except for items listed as [not available for purchase])
    If you wish to return the samples, please let us know by e-mail by the return deadline.

Return shipping [Return shipping cost to be borne by the customer].
  1. Please send the return within 10 days from the sample shipment date and inform us of the voucher number.
  2. After confirming the sample's arrival, we will process a full refund of the deposit paid.

For detailed "Terms and Conditions", please be sure to check the e-mail you will receive after completing your application.
We will also issue a coupon code that can be used for new purchases when we inform you of the return deadline.

Please note

Please refrain from paying for the reserved items together.
Please refrain from using coupons.

Please refrain from using coupons.
We do not provide samples of products that are not available for selection.
Out of stock items are on loan. Please register for our restocking notification e-mail.
Please note that the specifications may differ slightly from the current product.
If returned items are severely damaged, a partial or full deposit may be charged.
In the event that a non-purchased wallet is not returned, the same amount of money will be charged in addition to the deposit.
If the return is delayed, a late fee of 200 yen per day will be charged (up to the maximum amount of the deposit). (The maximum amount of the late fee is the same as the deposit.)

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Best choice for left-handed users

Thin and small, but still in the cash society, want some capacity, and easy to use for left-handed people.
This wallet was the best choice for my needs. I had been using other wallets, but most small wallets are made for right-handed people, and for me, a left-handed person, the orientation of the cards and bills when the wallet is opened is just too difficult to use. That's when I found this wallet in an ad on Instagram.
I was going to purchase it immediately, but I was told that I could use it for a trial period of 10 days. Since I love leather products, not only wallets but also bags and shoes, I wanted to check the texture, so I used the showroom anywhere.
The result was that I didn't need to try it. From the moment I touched it for the first time, I thought I already had the answer.
In fact, as I used it for 10 days, I became so attached to the trial wallet that I had been fortunate enough to receive that I was a little sad to return it.
I will now purchase it.

Thank you for visiting the Showroom Everywhere.
We are honored that you like our products.
Since many of our products are inevitably dependent on the user's dominant hand, we also offer products for left-handed users.
We look forward to your continued patronage.

Very useful initiative!

In the case of online sales, you can only feel the details through public photos, and in the case of in-store sales, you can actually touch the product in many stores, but you are bound to specify the location. In this case, I think it is great that it is possible to not only touch but also actually use the product from anywhere in the country.
Even though detailed photos and videos are posted on the site, there is a big difference between actually using the product and not actually using it in order to make a purchase. Especially since this wallet has a unique shape.
As someone who is on the fence, it's a great boost!
The color swatches also gave me a slightly different impression from the ones I saw online, so it was good to be able to check them.

I am sure there are many people who are not familiar with such an exchange regarding return shipping, and I am sure there are many people who are not familiar with such an exchange.
I thought it would be easier to understand if there was a page that summarized the contents related to return shipping, such as "Return shipping process," "Address for return address," "List of available return shipping methods," "Detailed introduction of return shipping methods (for Click Post, including a link to the post office page address)," "Example of return mail," "Q&A regarding return shipping"...etc. I thought it would be easy to understand.

However, the return process itself is not that difficult.
If you are interested in this product, I suggest you take the plunge and give it a try!
It helped me make up my mind on the purchase and the colors I would purchase (LOL).

Thank you for using our service.
Thank you also for your valuable feedback.
We have received similar feedback from others and will consider the policy to implement it.
The inventory in the Anywhere Showroom not only allows customers to experience the usability of the products, but also allows them to see how the products have actually been used, how they have lost their shape, etc., without being insulted by their appearance.
Normally, developing such a service would be considered risky and difficult.
However, the fact that we dare to take on this challenge is a reflection of our pride in our products, and at the same time, this service itself serves as a product test against hard use.
We hope you will continue to use our products.

I would appreciate a template email text for return notification.

The product was shipped very promptly after the showroom anywhere procedure and I was able to check the product.
I would have appreciated an email template to facilitate smooth communication when returning the product.
We would appreciate it if you would consider this.

Thank you very much for your service.
Thank you also for your valuable feedback.
We will positively consider it.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

Kyo. Bamboo .
Very good system

I have been using the first "Thick Leather Thin Long Wallet ~Single~" since 2018.
This time, I was curious about the Hitoe® Fold -Liscio-, so I used it to check the difference between right-handed and left-handed versions.
I think it is a very good system to be able to check the products wherever I am without having to go to a physical store. Some items are even available for purchase.
I'm sure Aria would have a better quality, but the price is too expensive. Please visit .....
I look forward to seeing you continue to create innovative products.

Thank you for your business.
We appreciate your high evaluation.
It seems that Hitoe Fold was not a good match for you, but we are glad that this service has helped you with that as well.
The leather for the Hitoe Fold is designed to require more tension than long wallets, which is a bit different from the soft texture of the old long wallets, but we have determined that the leather we currently use is ideal for this purpose.
We hope you will continue to use it.

I had my doubts, but I'm glad I used you.

I am glad I used it because there is still a difference between the image on the screen and actually holding it in my hand. I had a strong impression that it was thin, so I thought it would be more slender, but it was more solid than I had imagined. I actually tried it out with cards and coins in it, and was relieved to find that it looked good! I was relieved to see that it would be good! I would like to purchase one in a different color from now on.
(I am sure that the reason why there was no gap between the two is because the website explains everything so well with pictures and videos. It's a quintessence.)
Thank you very much.

Thank you for visiting our showroom anywhere.
We are honored that you liked our products again.
We hope you will consider purchasing our products.

It was very helpful.

I really appreciated the fact that I could actually touch and try the product from anywhere in the country. Even if I could see it in a physical store, I would not be able to actually use it, so I was able to better confirm that it suited my own style.

The open change compartment didn't actually spill out, but it did make me feel a little uneasy. Otherwise the feel was very good.

Thank you for visiting our Showroom Everywhere.
As for the coins, the Fold series almost never overflows, but the L-zip L has a tendency to overflow a little, so you need to be careful when using it.
Thank you for your continued support.