Color: Cammello

Vachetta Leather

* Made to order. We are currently discontinuing orders due to changes in new specifications.

The clear sound of soft leather


A small ROLL made of soft leather creates a clear sound that you have never experienced. The clear sound spreads naturally throughout the space, just like a musical instrument, and fills you with the sensation of playing in front of you.
It comes with a belt and can be hung anywhere. If you remove the belt and hang it on a lighting duct, you can play BGM without any electrical work. Create the best BGM environment not only in the living room but also in cafes, offices, hotels, etc., regardless of the listening point.

<< Commitment to leather that is optimal for sound >>

Hard bodies such as wood and metal are more likely to be affected by the resonance and reverberation of the sound inside the speaker. In order to realize a sound that is faithful to the sound source with the incidental sounds removed as much as possible, the sound emitted from the back of the unit is wrapped in soft and highly sound-insulating leather. The soft, heavy, and thick Italian Vacetta leather was found by examining a large number of domestic and foreign leathers in search of leather that is good for sound.

《Latest technology X traditional technique》


Leather that has been precisely machined with the latest laser cutters is hand-sewn by skilled craftsmen at SYRINX using the traditional technique of sewing harnesses in Europe called couture serie (saddle stitch). Carefully tighten each stitch for a very beautiful finish. Unlike sewing machine sewing, hand sewing supports the leather suture independently, so even if one thread breaks, the other thread firmly supports the leather suture and does not fray. There is none.

《To achieve the best sound》

SYRINX's unique technology, such as a soft leather enclosure that suppresses incidental sounds to the utmost limit and a floating mount that polishes the clarity of the sound, has been integrated into this small body.
The small-diameter full-range unit produces vivid and realistic sounds from bass to treble.

Natural wool is used for the internal sound absorbing material. The unique curly "crimp" of wool causes the fibers to entangle with each other, creating layers of complex structure. This crimp layer absorbs sound and prevents reverberation. There are fine scales (scales) on the surface of the fiber, and this organic structure, which is not found in synthetic fibers, provides excellent sound absorption performance.

Cowhide tanned with vegetable tannins, natural wool and the blessings of the earth create this clear sound.

《Low power class AB amplifier that overturns common sense》

It has a built-in analog (class AB) amplifier that consumes as little power as a digital amplifier and utilizes the latest technology with almost no noise or sound distortion. We thoroughly eliminate elements that deteriorate sound quality, such as volume, filters, switches, and tone control, and specialize only in linearly amplifying the sound source. Using it 24 hours a day, the monthly electricity bill is only about 5 yen (0.2W, 30 days, 27 yen / kWh). With power that is less than the standby power of conventional amplifiers, it reproduces from high-pitched sounds to powerful low-pitched sounds.
The power supply does not require a large power adapter, and you can use the USB port around you.

Model number
Cowhide (made in Italy)
Sound absorbing material
Natural wool
Less than 0.03% (1W load 4Ω 1kHz)
SN ratio
90dB or more
Power supply
USB (5V)
3.5mm stereo mini jack
Diameter about 7 cm Length about 23 cm
About 570g
USB-DC cable
Leather belt (detachable)


  • International shipping is not accepted.
  • The price is the price of one speaker (stereo playback with one speaker).
  • It is a made-to-order product that starts production after receiving an order. It takes about 30 days to deliver the product.
  • Volume adjustment requires player operation.
  • Not for high output. If the input signal is too loud, it may cause sound cracking. In that case, reduce the input signal or volume.
  • Since natural leather is dyed with dye, there are scratches, wrinkles, and stains. There are differences in color depending on the production time.
  • USB AC adapter is not included.

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