RFID Blocking Card

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Ultra-thin anti-skimming card

Ultra-thin anti-skimming card with a thickness of only 0.27 mm that does not get in the way in a wallet.

Please use this anti-skimming card in a card pocket with the contactless IC card snugly adhered to the card. Whether stacked on the front or back side, it prevents unauthorized reading. By placing it between two contactless IC cards, it is possible to protect both cards at the same time. (Must be adhered closely together to be effective)

This card used to be included with the product, but not everyone needs it.
Therefore, we have stopped including it for de-plasticization. If you need it, please purchase it separately.

Incidentally, credit cards with IC chips have strong security and almost no risk of skimming damage. On the other hand, electronic money such as traffic system IC cards may have small amounts extracted, and anti-skimming cards are effective.

It can also be used as a ruler that can measure lengths up to 7 cm.

The attenuation rate (the rate at which electromagnetic waves are blocked) of this product varies depending on the frequency of electromagnetic waves, so it does not block 100% of electromagnetic waves.
*We assume no responsibility for any damage or obstacle caused by the use of this product.


External dimensions: W86 x H54 x D0.27 mm
Material: PET, anti-skimming film