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Mekuru® Pen Case - Foschia - Foschia

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Flip" pen case


A small pen case for adults."
Mekuru" is a pen case for adults that fits neatly in the side pocket of a bag or the breast pocket of a jacket, carrying only 2-4 important pens and being smart about it.

Challenges of a slim pen case


For those who carry an elite few pens, a slim and small pen case that fits in a bag or pocket is perfect.
However, the slimmer the pen case, the harder it is to see what is inside, and the more difficult it is to remove a pen. It is not smart if you cannot take out a pen smoothly.
Mekuru" is slim, yet solves this problem.

Flip it open and take it out in a jiffy.


A unique feature of Mekuru is that the zipper is turned all the way around to the rear side. This ingenious feature allows the user to "flip" the top and remove the contents with a minimum of movement.
This "flipping" sensation is only possible with the luxurious 2mm thick leather. The lining will not wear out and can be used for a long time.

Open wide to use as a pen tray


By opening the zipper wide, it can be used as a convenient pen tray without leaving it on the desk.

Compact and lean


The S size can hold 2-4 pens up to 160mm long, and the L size can hold 3-5 pens up to 176mm long, as well as an Apple Pencil.
Because it is compact, we focused on a lean and dense size.
The leather is not bound together, and the zipper directly becomes a gusset, so there is no waste in size at all. The exceptional leather and the perfect size make this a comfortable pen case.

Attention to detail


The zipper pull is an original, custom-ordered mold from YKK.
The surface has a simple design consisting only of straight lines and circles, without a logo. The holes are perfectly circular to prevent unnecessary force from being applied to the slider and to ensure durability.
The brand logo is engraved on the back of the puller as inconspicuously as possible, so as not to spoil the simple design. The convex shape also serves as a non-slip surface. The thicker the tip, the easier it is to pick up.
Although it is a very small part, it is a condensation of SYRINX's design philosophy.

EXCELLA," the highest quality YKK zipper, is the pride of Japan.


For the zipper, YKK's top-of-the-line "EXCELLA" zipper, which is used by many high brands, is adopted.
The difference between EXCELLA and ordinary zippers is that each element is carefully polished to the utmost precision. However, unless you use a loupe, you can hardly tell the difference from the outside. In fact, you will be surprised if we tell you that the normal metal fastener moves more smoothly. Since EXCELLA has less play in the engagement, it is harder to use at the beginning, and you may feel a little snagging.
It is because they are different in durability. The less precise the fastener is, the less engagement, the lighter the movement is, but the longer you use it, the more trouble you will have, such as the fastener coming off. Each of the teeth (metal parts that mesh with each other) is carefully polished to the utmost precision, and the durability of EXCELLA is said to be several times greater than that of ordinary fasteners. The more it is used, the smoother the movement becomes.
Although EXCELLA is usually used for high-end wallets and is rarely used for pencil cases, we are particular about its high quality because it is opened and closed many times every day.

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Foschia" is the Italian word for "fog. The outer leather is vegetable-tanned double shoulder with white wax treatment, and has a look like a morning mist. The more it is used, the more it rubs and permeates, revealing a translucent look.

The tanning material used is the fruit of the tara tree, a legume native to South America.
It is rare and expensive, but it has the lightest color and lightfastness among vegetable tannins. Normally pigments are used for light-colored leather, but since the leather can be tanned whiter, beautiful colors can be achieved using only dyes.

The interior is smooth leather with a fine silver surface. When opened, it creates a beautiful gradation with the exterior.

About Aging

The shoulder is also an area that contains many rose scars, uneven colors, bloodstains, and tigers (wrinkles), allowing the wearer to enjoy the unique expression of natural leather.

Since it contains sufficient oil and wax, it does not require any special maintenance.
The surface is delicate and prone to stains and scratches, but if you handle it well and use it often, the color and luster will deepen and it will become more familiar to you.

シビラ Greige Misty Greige
シビラ Ash Misty Ash
シビラ Iris Misty Iris
シビラ Chocolate Misty Chocolate
シビラ navy Misty Navy
シビラ Black Misty Black

External dimensions: approx. W.160 x H.45 x D.15
Leather : Vegetable tanned leather made in Italy
Country of manufacture: Japan
Intellectual property : Trademark registration No. 6411510