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It was selected for " Omotenashi Selection 2017 " because it was highly evaluated for sublimating Japan's unique culture and aesthetic sense into a simple design.

Social products

We received the Social Products Award 2018 Special Award "Design" for products and services that can contribute to society through products and participate in the creation of a better society.

The clear sound of soft leather

Two speakers made of soft leather named "LOG" create a clear sound that you have never experienced. The clear sound spreads naturally throughout the space, just like a musical instrument, and fills you with the sensation of playing in front of you.
No matter where you place it, you can create the best BGM environment in your living room, cafe, office, hotel, etc.

《Latest technology X traditional technique》

Leather that has been precisely machined with the latest laser cutters is hand-sewn by skilled craftsmen at SYRINX using the traditional technique of sewing harnesses in Europe called couture serie (saddle stitch). Carefully tighten each stitch for a very beautiful finish. Unlike sewing machine sewing, hand sewing supports the leather suture independently, so even if one thread breaks, the other thread firmly supports the leather suture and does not fray. There is none.

《To achieve the best sound》

SYRINX original technology (patented) such as leather enclosure and tension anchor is integrated into this small body.
It produces a lively and realistic sound from a small-diameter full-range unit to bass to treble.

1. Soft leather enclosure

Conventional speakers with a hard body such as wood or metal are strongly affected by incidental sounds due to resonance and reverberation. The "leather enclosure" made of leather is as soft as the skin. It is flexible, has no resonance at a specific frequency, has good impulse response, has no reverberation, has high sound insulation to prevent internal sound leakage, and realizes a delicate and clear sound with almost no incidental sound.

2. Unique floating mount (patented technology)

The speaker unit is a unique floating mount that does not use screws or adhesives, and is vibration-insulated from the enclosure to improve the clarity of the sound.
The tension anchor that pulls the speaker unit down enhances the adhesion of the speaker unit and prevents internal sound leakage. At the same time, the micro-vibration due to the reaction force of the diaphragm is suppressed, and the responsiveness to the minute sound is improved.
Tension anchors are lighter and thinner than anchors that are weighted or fixed, and do not interfere with the progress of sound waves inside.

3. Amazing high quality amplifier

It comes with a palm-sized digital amplifier "ECO" that produces powerful bass without distortion and clear mid-high range without noise. Using it 24 hours a day, the monthly electricity bill is only 1 yen (0.05W, 30 days, 27 yen / kWh). With power that is less than the standby power of conventional amplifiers, it reproduces from high-pitched sounds to powerful low-pitched sounds.
We thoroughly eliminate elements that deteriorate sound quality, such as filters and tone controls, and specialize only in linearly amplifying the sound source. You can use the USB port around you as the power supply.


Model number
Sika deer leather vegetable tannin tanned
Sound absorbing material
Natural wool
Less than 0.15% (1W load 4Ω 1kHz)
SN ratio
90dB or more
Power supply
USB (5V)
3.5mm stereo mini jack
Diameter about 9 cm Height about 23.5 cm
About 1.6kg
USB-DC cable
2 speaker connection cables
Patent Office Patent (No. 6251926)


  • International shipping is not accepted.
  • The price is the price of a set of two speakers and an amplifier.
  • The product image is an image. It may be slightly different from the actual product. Please note.
  • It is a made-to-order product that starts production after receiving an order. It takes about 30 days to deliver the product.
  • Not for high output. If the input signal is too loud, it may cause sound cracking. In that case, reduce the input signal or volume.
  • Since natural leather is dyed with dye, there are scratches, wrinkles, and stains. There are differences in color depending on the production time.
  • USB AC adapter is not included.

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