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Hitoe® Fold - Liscio


Small thin wallet

I want to go out without any clothes on my hands! To fulfill this desire, we created Hitoe®, a thin wallet in which cards and coins do not overlap. The Hitoe® Fold is the evolution of the Hitoe® series, which pursues not only thin wallets but also small wallets.
The ultimate simplicity of design, smooth and comfortable use, and ample storage capacity are the ideals we have pursued and creatively designed for the cashless era.

ミニマルなデザイン - Hitoe Fold Liscio

Hitoe® structure" stands out for its thinness

独自の立体的な縫製 - Hitoe Fold Liscio Totally lean layout

Wallets become thicker because cards and coins overlap. The Hitoe® structure solves this problem. It achieves a thin wallet without overlapping cards and coins.
The maximum capacity is

10 banknotes, 20 coins, and 7 cards.

Even with a full capacity, it is overwhelmingly thin.

厚さ - HITOE FOLD LISCIO (*When 5 cards are stored (but there are individual differences))

Design Attention

Pursuit of thin wallets

The edges are not "rolled in" but have a "seam allowance. This is in pursuit of thinness. If the edges are rolled in, the size will be smaller, but the overlap of the leather will increase and the leather will become thicker.
This detail is faithful to the ideal of a thin wallet.

端部処理 - Hitoe Fold licio Size comparison by edge treatment method

The leather is thick enough, and the texture, such as tension and firmness, is also important.

薄い財布 - Hitoe Fold Liscio Thinness without waste

Long and beautiful use.

The seam allowance is as small as possible, and the design is resistant to losing its shape.
In addition, most problems with wallets are caused by hardware and sewing. No hardware is used at all, and there are only four seams.
Corners and folded parts, which are prone to damage, are made of overlapping outer and inner leather to enhance durability.
It is a simple and sturdy construction that can be used beautifully for a long time.

丈夫な角やエッジ - Hitoe Fold Liscio Sturdy corners and edges

Beautiful details

Precise and delicate stitching, polished floor (back side of leather), transparently polished koba (cross-section of leather) that reveals the overlapping layers of leather, and fine lines (nenpiki) placed around the edges with a hot iron.
Every detail of the product is designed for beauty.

刻印 - HITOE FOLD LISCIO In pursuit of simplicity, the engraving is hidden under the card.
縫製 - HITOE FOLD LISCIO Beautiful seam allowance edge treatment

Designed according to the laws of nature

Why is the Golden Ratio so beautiful?"
The golden ratio 1:1.62 is the aspect ratio of a rectangle consisting of a spiral of squares with the Fibonacci sequence ( 1 2 3 5 8 13 21...) as one side. (Figure below)
And the Fibonacci sequence is hidden everywhere in nature. Tree branches, petal counts, sunflower seeds, seashells, typhoons, spiral galaxies. It can also be found in the most beautiful art forms, such as the pyramids, the Parthenon, and the 36 Views of Mount Fuji.
Deeply related to nature and the order of life, therefore, the golden ratio based on the Fibonacci sequence also tugs at the heartstrings.
It is not the golden ratio that is important. It is the proportions from the smallest detail to the whole that make the Fibonacci sequence work to create a well-rounded design that resonates with the heart.

フィボナッチ数列 - Hitoe Fold Liscio Design based on the Fibonacci Sequence

Six well-thought-out usability features

It is not just a thin wallet. We have also pursued comfort of use so that each operation can be completed with the fewest possible actions.

1 New concept of using the card to be stored as a clasp

Wehave devised an "inner hook (patent pending) " that hooks onto the card to be stored, rather than outside the wallet, anduses the card itself as part of the clasp. It is a smart leather hook that fits inside the wallet and is not shown on the front.

カードに掛けるインナーフック - Hitoe Fold Liscio Inner hook that hangs on the card integrated with the bill holder

It not only serves as a clasp for the wallet, but also prevents cards from falling out and allows for speedy opening and closing.

インナーフックを閉じた様子 - Hitoe Fold Liscio Tucked inside to prevent unexpected card drops

2 Clip it with leather, and that's it.

The inner hook gives the bag a flat appearance that can only be clipped with leather. No hardware, flap, or other unnecessary items protrude, so there is no snagging in the pocket.

正面 - HITOE FOLD LISCIO No hardware at all, just leather.

3 Quickly opens and closes in a "U" shape

By bending the border between the card and the coin in a "wiggle" motion, the inner hook on the card is easily released. With this single action, coins, bills, and cards can all be accessed for quick checkout.

開き方 - Hitoe Fold liscio Smoothly opens and closes by bending it in a "crisscross" shape.
The trick is to bend the inner hook in a "wiggle" so that it does not touch the inner hook.

4 Keep the banknote in place

Just insert bills without folding them. High visibility and easy to remove.

Smoothly insert and remove bills without touching the bill holder.

5 Cards are smooth

Fingers go deep into the back of the card for smooth card insertion and removal.

Smooth in and out

Extra cards are held in the bill holder to prevent stretching of the leather in the card pocket. It does not interfere with the opening and closing of the wallet.

開き方 - Hitoe Fold liscio Extra cards are placed on the card holder.

6 Shallow coin pocket

A shallow coin pocket allows you to quickly find and quickly remove the coins you need. There is no need to worry about coins spilling out when the wallet is closed; there is plenty of room for 999 yen (15 coins).

Once the leather is acclimated, there is no spillage during use.

The Hitoe® Fold series has received national and international recognition with numerous records and awards.
In particular, the Hitoe® Fold Aria has won 10 awards, including the "iF Design Award" and "Red Dot".


DNA Paris award
DNA Paris Design Awards 2022
Hitoe® Fold Aria

The DNA Paris Design Awards are international design awards that honor the best designers in the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape design, graphic design, and product design.

A' design award
Omotenashi Selection 2022
Hitoe® Fold Less

The Hitoe® Fold Less Award was established to discover and promote the world's best Japanese products and services that are full of the spirit of Omotenashi (hospitality). The award is given to products and services that are born from the consideration of the user, and that have been improved upon while carrying on the traditions of the past.

A' design award
A' Design Award & Competition 2022
Hitoe® Fold Aria

The Hitoe® Fold Aria is one of the world's largest design competitions to select the best designs, design concepts, products, and services. It is recognized worldwide as a barometer of design quality and perfection.

iF Design Award 2022
iF Desing Award 2022
Hitoe® Fold Aria

A design award organized by the Hannover Industrial Design Association in Germany, one of the most prominent and prestigious international design awards, which judges industrial products from all over the world. It is one of the three most prestigious design awards in the world.

Red Dot 2022
Red Dot Award 2022
Hitoe® Fold Aria

One of the world's three major design awards and one of the most prestigious international design awards, with over 10,000 entries each year from companies, organizations, and designers in more than 60 countries. It is organized by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.

London International Creative Competition 2021
London International Creative Competition 2021
Hitoe® Fold Aria

Aimed to serve as a medium to connect talented artists with international audiences, the Hitoe® Fold Aria attracts artists from around the world, is juried by luminaries in six fields (architecture, interior design, art, graphics, photography, and products), and is based in London, where internationally acclaimed artists are gathered. It has been held annually since 2006.

IDA Design Awards 2021
Hitoe® Fold Aria

An international design award established in Los Angeles in 2007 to discover and recognize outstanding design visionaries in a wide range of fields. The awards are comprised of five categories including architecture, interior design, product design, fashion, and graphic design, and each year they attract the finest entries from the world's most talented designers.

NY Product Design Awards 2021
Hitoe® Fold Aria

The Hitoe® Fold Aria is a product design award sponsored by International Award Associate (USA), which was newly established in 2021.
In its first year, more than 500 entries were received from all over the world.

MUSE Design Awards 2021
MUSE Design Awards 2021
Hitoe® Fold Aria

One of the international award programs organized by International Award Associate (USA), which aims to create a new standard of value in design.
The award is presented to designers who combine unparalleled creativity and technical skill, like a "muse.

Europian Product DESIGN AWARD 2021
European Product Design Award 2021
Hitoe® Fold Aria

A design competition created to recognize the efforts of talented international product designers. From thousands of design projects submitted from around the world, a jury selects the most beautiful, functional, and innovative products.

Hitoe® Fold Aria

An international design competition organized by DESIGNSORI, a Korean design portal. It is one of the three most prestigious design awards in Asia, along with the Golden Pin Design Award and the DFA Design for Asia Awards.

おもてなしセレクション 2021
Omotenashi Selection 2021
Hitoe® Fold Aria

The Hitoe® Fold Aria is an award established with the aim of discovering and promoting to the world products and services that are brimming with the spirit of hospitality in Japan. The award is given to products and services that are "uniquely Japanese" and have a "unique appeal" that should be shared with the world, and that are created with the utmost care and attention to detail.

おもてなしセレクション 2020
Omotenashi Selection 2020
Hitoe® Fold

The Hitoe® Fold Award was established with the aim of discovering and promoting to the world outstanding Japanese products and services that are brimming with the spirit of hospitality. The award is given to products and services that are born from the consideration of the user, and that have been improved upon while carrying on the traditions of the past.

Campfire Crowdfunding Award 2020
Campfire Crowdfunding Award 2020
Hitoe® Fold

The Hitoe® Fold is an award that honors the best projects out of more than 10,000 projects on the crowdfunding website Campfire.

Crowd Funding

The Hitoe® Fold series has achieved a remarkable feat in terms of the amount of money raised by the crowdfunding wallet, dominating the 1st~3rd place of all time in Japan out of more than 1,000 projects. (*As of February 28, 2022)

51,795,439 yen / 3500 people
Hitoe® Fold v.2020 -Liscio- & Hitoe® Fold Aria -Monocromo-
Achieved the highest amount of money raised through crowdfunding for wallets in Japan
78,540,000 yen / 2,480 people
Hitoe® Fold Aria -Foschia
Achieved the highest amount of crowdfunding for wallets in Japan, and
monopolized the 1st~2nd place in the Japanese wallet crow dfunding history.
55,481,020 yen / 2959 applicants
Hitoe® Fold v.2021 -Liscio
Japanese wallet crowdfunding dominates Japan's top 3 crowdfunded wallet crowdfunding sites of all time
25,944,600 yen / 873 people
Hitoe® Fold Less -Foschia
13,002,000 yen, 394
Hitoe® Fold Aria -Ortensia- & Hitoe® Fold Aria -Monocromo-

Q. What is the difference between Hitoe® Fold, ~Aria, and ~Less?

Hitoe Fold Aria and Hitoe Fold Less are flagship models, in which materials, design, functionality and details are all pursued without compromise.
Hitoe Fold" is the second grade of this concept, with leather that lets you enjoy its leatheriness.

斜めから見た使用状態 Left: Hitoe Fold Middle: Hitoe Fold Aria Right: Hitoe Fold Less

Differences 1 Number of cards
Hitoe Fold: 7 cards Hitoe
Fold Aria: 6 cards
Hitoe Fold Less: 3 cards

Difference 2 Manufacturing method
Hitoe Fold: 1 piece of leather Hitoe
Fold Aria, Less: Thinly strained leather pasted together (solid pasting )

Difference 3 Size
Hitoe Fold: w92 x h92 mm
, Hitoe Fold Aria: w89 x h91 mm
, Hitoe Fold Less: w89 x h89 mm

Difference 4 Thinness
Hitoe Fold: approx. 10 mm (thickest part when 5 cards are stored)
, Hitoe Fold Aria: approx. 9 mm (thickest part when 5 cards are stored)
, Hitoe Fold Less: approx. 8 mm (thickest part when 3 cards are stored )

手のひらサイズ Left: Hitoe Fold (5 cards) Middle: Hitoe Fold Aria (5 cards) Right: Hitoe Fold Less (3 cards)

Difference 5: Feel of use
Depending on the presence or absence of stitching on the side of the bill holder, the Hitoe Fold may feel a little scratchy when inserting or removing banknotes from the side. Also, the sliding of banknotes may cause more friction.
The "Hitoe Fold Aria" and " Hitoe Fold Less" have a card pocket that is designed to prevent the card from falling out even when the clasp is removed.

Q. Do you have any tips for opening and closing?

A. If you bend the border between the coin and the card in a "ku" shape, the hook on the card will come off and you can use the card smoothly.

To close the cardholder's wallet, gently press down on the top of the flap and bend the flap in a "ku" shape so that the hook will naturally fit over the card. The trick is to keep your fingers away from the hook.

To close, simply slide it while holding it down (e.g. Hitoe Fold).

Q. When I close it, it is distorted.

This is caused by misuse of the hook on the outside of the wallet. Please hang the hook only on the card to be stored.

(ex. Hitoe Fold)

Q. Will coins or cards overflow?

A. No. If the wallet is closed by placing the hooks over the cards to be stored, there will be no overflow of coins or cards. When the wallet is opened, the lid of the coin pocket will hold the coins in place, preventing them from overflowing. However, if the wallet is used horizontally, there is a possibility that coins will overflow. Please use the wallet in portrait orientation.

Smooth texture

Liscio is an Italian word meaning "smooth.
The silver surface is smooth and fine, with natural unevenness in color due to the dye finish, giving it an elegant and tasteful leather-like appearance.

The leather used is vacchetta leather, which has been used in the Tuscany region of Italy since the early 9th century. The leather is tanned with vegetable tannin and soaked with oil slowly, so that you can enjoy its almost permanent moisture and gloss.

The aging process of vacchetta leather stands out among other Italian leathers, and the color and luster of the leather deepens beautifully.


CamelCamel: The color of camel hair. A light brown with yellowish tints.
ChestnutChestnut: Chestnut. A reddish brown.
Teal Teal : The color of a duck's facial hair. The blue-green color gradually darkens.
Black Black : The leather gradually turns from matte to glossy black.

Natural Mark

Animals are bound to have scratches, stains, insect bites, and other blemishes.
In ordinary leather, these are covered up with pigments and enamels.

However, this leather is dyed to preserve the original texture and feel of the leather. Therefore, the following "living proofs (natural marks)" are often engraved on the leather.

These are the unique characteristics of natural materials and are not defects. However, each person has his or her own taste in the appearance. If you wish, we can replace them. If you wish to exchange the item, please check the exchange section of " Warranty, Repair, Cancellation, and Returns" before proceeding.


The cows that are the source of this leather are raised on pasture so that they grow up in a healthy and stress-free environment. Therefore, there are many small scars and insect bites from bumps and fights. These scars are "rose scars. The better the leather grows in a natural environment, the better the quality of the leather, but the more rose scars there will be.

They are scattered throughout the leather and only small parts can be removed if they are avoided. Therefore, they are often found on large parts.

This is a unique expression of natural leather that can never be seen in man-made materials.


The most common sign that a leather is natural and not man-made is the "blood streak", a pattern unique to natural leather.

These are the traces of blood vessels under the skin. Some are faintly visible on the silver surface, some remain as light wrinkles, and some are clearly visible on the floor.


A long stripe pattern created when the complex shape of an animal is flattened into leather. It is called "tiger" because it looks like the stripes of a tiger.

Tigers are especially common around the neck, and since this leather is shoulder, tigers are frequently seen. The area around the spine, where there are many tigers, has a high fiber density and the leather is of good quality. Flat, wrinkle-free leather is not necessarily better quality.

In Italian leather, tigers are a very popular characteristic that enriches the look of the leather.


Pores and hair follicles remain in the leather and are called "pinholes.
The leather is often seen as a natural expression, especially when the leather is only dyed and has little surface treatment, as in this case.

External dimensions: approx. W92 x H92 x D10 mm (thickest part when 5 cards are stored)
Maximum capacity: 15 banknotes, 7 cards, 20 coins
Product weight: approx. 39 g
Leather: Vegetable tanned leather from Italy (vachetta method)
Country of manufacture: Japan
Intellectual Property: Patent pending
     Design registration No. 1659078
     Design registration No. 1659079
     Design registration No. 1670259
     International design registration (EU, US, China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia)
     Trademark registration No. 6253419
     International trademark registration (EU, US, China, Korea, Taiwan)

Please use the wallet in portrait orientation.
All photos and videos used in the product description are for right-handed use.

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