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Hitoe® Fold Aria - Foschia

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HITOE Fold Aria

The ultimate in functional beauty

"HITOE® Fold" has established the highest amount of crowdfunding (*) for wallet in Japan by collecting more than 1200 pieces of support in just 5 minutes. (* As of December 17, 2020)
The topical work is even thinner, smaller, lighter, stronger, and easier to use, and is now available in the "ARIA" series.
With its sophisticated design and exquisite chraftsmanship, it has been sublimated into a breathtakingly complete functional beauty.
You can choose right-handed or left-handed.

What is HITOE® FOLD?

Appearance of HITOE Fold Aria

"Go out lightly without a bag!"
 The HITOE® series was created to make this wish come true.
It was made in pursuit of minimalism, ease of use and high-capacity storage suitable for a cashless society.

Light as air "ARIA"

Comparison of HITOE Fold and hand size

"ARIA" which means "Air" in Italian. It also means singing song lyrically in opera and religious music.
HITOE® FOLD ARIA wallet is thin and light as air yet beautiful and very original.
All parts are made by gluing two layers of ultra-thin leather together.

This technique is said to be one of the highest luxuries in leather products, making them stronger, lighter, and thinner.
The white powder on the surface leather is a wax called bloom. The more you use it, the more it rubs and penetrates, giving you a transparent look.

The interior leather is the same color leather that has not been waxed. When it's opened, it shows a beautiful gradation with the exterior.

aging Misty Black aging example

"HITOE® (Single layer) Structure"

Conventional wallets get thicker because the cards and coins overlap. The solution to this is "HITOE® (Single layer) Structure". It prevents cards and coins from overlapping. And there are only 4~5 layers of leather overlapping each other.
Even when storing 5 bills and 5 cards, this wallet will be only 9mm-thin. It is also extremely light - only about 33g.

Perspective view of HITOE Fold Lean layout

Commitment to design

1 "Perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to take away."

This is the word of Saint-Exupery, the author of "The Little Prince".
Reduce the elements as much as possible and make the rest directly related to usability. This is the "perfection" we aim for.

- Smoothly opening and closing.
- Easy to insert and remove the contents.
- Thinness that you'll forget it's even in your pocket.

The simple design and comfortable use of HITOE® FOLD ARIA has reached the stage of perfection.

Minimal design

2 Pursuit of thinness

If we change the "seam allowance", which is a feature of the appearance, to "roll-in", we can reduce the size by about 2 mm. Still, the reason for using "seam allowance" instead of "rolled-in" is to achieve thinness.
"Roll-in" is inconsistent with the concept of this wallet "thinness", because the leather overlaps each other and becomes thicker.Highlighting the concept gave it a dignified appearance.

Perspective view of HITOE Fold Left-"seam allowance" Right-"Roll-in"
Engraved HITOE Fold Beautiful seam allowance edge treatment

3 Design based on natural order

"Why is the golden ratio beautiful?"
The golden ratio is a rectangle that spirally repeats a square with a Fibonacci sequence (1 2 3 5 8 13 21 ...) as one side. It converges to about 1: 1.618.
And this sequence is hidden everywhere in nature. Tree branches, blood vessel branches, number of petals, sunflower seeds.
The spiral shape that connects the vertices can be found not only in shells, typhoons, spiral galaxies, but also in the most beautiful arts such as the pyramids, the Parthenon, and the Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji by Katsushika Hokusai.
Since it is deeply related to the natural order and nature of life, the golden ratio based on the Fibonacci sequence will touch the heartstrings of us.
It is not important to use the golden ratio in each element. By using the Fibonacci sequence as a ratio from details to whole, it becomes well-proportioned design which resonates in our heart.

Perspective view of HITOE Fold Design based on the Fibonacci sequence

Seven well-thought-out usability

It's not just thin and compact. We also pursued usability so that each movement can be completed with the least amount of action.

1 New idea to use stored cards

We invented the "Corner holder" that hooks onto the cards to be stored. (Patent in process)
It keeps the flap closed while preventing the cards from falling out unexpectedly.

Unique stopper "Corner holder" integrated with bill holder
It looks like the flap is closed Firmly prevents unexpected card drops

2 No metal parts, only leather

Nothing extra sticks out, such as metal parts or bands, so there is no catching in your pocket and clothes are never damaged.

HITOE Fold upright Consists of leather without using any hardware

3 Smoothly opening and closing

You can easily open the wallet by bending the border of the cards and coins into a "dogleg" shape. By this one action, you can access your coins, bills, and cards for quick checkout.

HITOE Fold upright Bend into a "dogleg" to open and close smoothly
To close it, just slide it while holding it down.

4 Without folding bills

Just insert bills without folding them. It has high visiblity and is easy to take out.
It is compatible with a variety of bills, including dollars, euros, and Japanese yen.

HITOE Fold aria bills Compatible with a variety of bills

5 Card pocket

It is easy to insert and remove cards as your fingers can go deep inside.
It can hold up to six cards.

Card pocket that is smooth not only to put out but also to put in

6 Shallow coin pocket

With a shallow coin pocket, you can quickly find the coin you need and quickly remove it. When the wallet is closed, the coins will not spill.
It can hold up to about 15 coins.

Coins do not overflow when in use

7 High durability

Most problems about wallets are caused by metal parts or sewing. No metal parts are used and there are only 3 pieces to sew. In addition, we avoid sewing on edges, bends and other easily damaged areas.
So you can use it for a long time.

HITOE Fold seen from the front Lean and minimalist shape

Made in TOKYO

This wallet is manufactured at a long-established leather factory with the highest level of solid-pasting technology. The finish looks like a single layer of leather.
In addition, the leather is laminated under high pressure of more than a dozen tons. The edges are polished clear and fine lines are added with a heated iron.
From design to production, we do everything in Tokyo and deliver the world-class "Made in TOKYO" quality.

Engraved HITOE Fold Pursuing simplicity, the engraving is hidden under the card
Bill holder Precision sewing

Intellectual property protection efforts

"HITOE® FOLD ARIA" has obtained three design registrations in Japan and has applied for one patent. Furthermore, with a view to global expansion, we have applied for international design registrations in the United States, Europe, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, etc.

The joy of opening the box

We will deliver it in a special just-sized box that can be used even during storage. It is also ideal for gifts.

Perfect size vanity case

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The Hitoe® Fold series has been recognized both nationally and internationally with numerous records and awards.


London International Creative Competition 2021
London International Creative Competition 2021
Hitoe® Fold Aria

The aim is to serve as a medium to connect talented artists with international audiences, with artists from around the world, juried by luminaries in six disciplines (architecture, interiors, art, graphics, photography, and products) and based in London, where internationally acclaimed artists are gathered. It has been held annually since 2006.

IDA Design Awards 2021
Hitoe® Fold Aria

An international design award established in Los Angeles in 2007 to discover and recognize outstanding design visionaries in a wide range of fields. Comprised of five categories including architecture, interior design, product design, fashion, and graphics, each year's competition attracts the finest entries from the world's most talented designers.

NY Product Design Awards 2021
Hitoe® Fold Aria

An award specializing in product design sponsored by International Award Associate (USA), newly established in 2021.
The award aims to recognize outstanding product designers who enrich our daily lives. In its first year, the award received more than 500 entries from around the world.

MUSE Design Awards 2021
MUSE Design Awards 2021
Hitoe® Fold Aria

One of the international award programs organized by International Award Associate (USA), which aims to create new standards of value in design.
The award is presented to designers who combine unparalleled creativity and technical skill, like a "muse.

Europian Product DESIGN AWARD 2021
European Product Design Award 2021
Hitoe® Fold Aria

A design competition created to recognize the efforts of talented international product designers. From thousands of design projects submitted from around the world, a jury selects the most beautiful, functional, and innovative products.

Hitoe® Fold Aria

An international design competition organized by DESIGNSORI, a Korean design portal. It is one of the three most prestigious design awards in Asia, along with the Golden Pin Design Award and the DFA Design for Asia Awards.

おもてなしセレクション 2021
Omotenashi Selection 2021
Hitoe® Fold Aria

This award was established with the aim of discovering and promoting excellent Japanese products and services with a spirit of hospitality to the world. The award is given to products and services that are born out of consideration for the people who use them, and that have been improved upon while carrying on the traditions of the past.

おもてなしセレクション 2020
Omotenashi Selection 2020
Hitoe® Fold

This award was established with the aim of discovering and promoting outstanding Japanese products and services with a spirit of hospitality to the world. The award is given to products and services that are born out of consideration for the people who use them, and that have been improved upon while carrying on the traditions of the past.

Campfire Crowdfunding Award 2020
Campfire Crowdfunding Award 2020
Hitoe® Fold

This award celebrates the best challenges among more than 10,000 projects on the crowdfunding site Campfire.

Crowd Funding

The Hitoe® Fold series has dominated the Japanese history of crowdfunding wallets 1~3. (*As of February 10, 2022)

51,795,439 yen / 3500 people
Hitoe® Fold v.2020 -Liscio
Achieved the highest amount of crowdfunding for wallets in Japan
77,853,800 yen / 2,480 people
Hitoe® Fold Aria -Foschia
Wallet crowdfunding achieved the highest amount of money in
JapanSuprising the 1st and 2nd place in Japan's history for wallet crowdfunding
55,481,020 yen / 2959 people
Hitoe® Fold v.2021 -Liscio-
Dominated Japan's all-time crowdfunding rankings for wallets (#1-3)

Q. What is the difference between Hitoe Fold, Hitoe Fold Aria, and Hitoe Fold Less?

Hitoe Fold Aria" and "Hitoe Fold Less" are our flagship models, which are uncompromising in material, design, functionality, and detailing. The Hitoe Fold Aria can hold 6 cards, while the Hitoe Fold Less can hold 3 cards.
Hitoe Fold" is the second grade of this concept, realized in leather that you can enjoy the texture and the change of material over time. It can hold up to 7 cards.
Other differences are as follows

1 Material
Hitoe Fold" utilizes high quality thick leather (Italian vacchetta leather), which has the characteristics of leather as it is and allows the user to enjoy its leatheriness. The floor (back side) of the leather has been treated to minimize shedding in order to improve the sliding of banknotes and other items.
The "Hitoe Fold Aria" and "Hitoe Fold Less" have luxurious specifications with leather laminated on all parts, and the silver surface is double-layered to achieve both thinness and durability.

斜めから見た使用状態 Left: Hitoe Fold Middle: Hitoe Fold Aria Right: Hitoe Fold Less

2 sizes
Flat size
, Hitoe Fold w92 x h92 mm
, Hitoe Fold Aria w89 x h91 mm
, Hitoe Fold Less w89 x h89 mm

Thickness (thickest part around the clasp)
- Hitoe Fold approx. 10mm (when 5 emboss-less cards are stored ) - Hitoe Fold

Aria approx. 9mm (when 5 emboss-less cards are stored)
- Hitoe Fold Less
There is a slight individual difference.
Please add 0.2-0.3mm per card for embossed cards.

Due to the difference in the feel of the materials, you will probably feel the difference more than the numbers when you hold it in your hand.

手のひらサイズ Left: Hitoe Fold ( 5 cards) Middle: Hitoe Fold Aria (5 cards) Right: Hitoe Fold Less (3 cards)

3 Difference in feel
Depending on the stitching on the side of the bill holder, the "Hitoe Fold" may feel a tugging sensation when inserting or removing banknotes from the side. Also, the sliding of banknotes may cause a little more friction.

The "Hitoe Fold Aria" and " Hitoe Fold Less" have a card pocket that is designed to prevent cards from falling out even when the clasp is removed.

Q. Do you have any tips for opening and closing?

If you bend the border between the coin and the card in the shape of a "ku", the hook on the card will be released and the card can be used smoothly.

How to bend the opening and closing (e.g. Hitoe Fold Aria)

When closing, lightly press down on the top of the flap and bend the flap in a "ku" shape so that the hook fits naturally into the card. The trick is to keep your fingers away from the hook.

To close, simply slide the flap while holding it down (e.g. Hitoe Fold).

Q. When I close it, it distorts.

This is due to misuse of the hook on the outside of the wallet. Please hang the hook only on the card to be stored.

(Example: Hitoe Fold)

Q. Will coins or cards overflow?

If you hang the hooks on the cards to be stored and close the wallet, there will never be an overflow of coins or cards. When the wallet is opened, the lid of the coin pocket holds the coins in place and prevents them from overflowing. However, if the wallet is used horizontally, coins may overflow. Please use the card vertically.

Foschia" is the Italian word for "fog. The outer leather is vegetable-tanned double shoulder with white wax treatment, and has a look like a morning mist. The more it is used, the more it rubs and permeates, revealing a translucent look.

The tanning material used is the fruit of the tara tree, a legume native to South America.
It is rare and expensive, but it has the lightest color and lightfastness among vegetable tannins. Normally pigments are used for light-colored leather, but since the leather can be tanned whiter, beautiful colors can be achieved using only dyes.

The interior is smooth leather with a fine silver surface. When opened, it creates a beautiful gradation with the exterior.

About Aging

The shoulder is also an area that contains many rose scars, uneven colors, bloodstains, and tigers (wrinkles), allowing the wearer to enjoy the unique expression of natural leather.

Since it contains sufficient oil and wax, it does not require any special maintenance.
The surface is delicate and prone to stains and scratches, but if you handle it well and use it often, the color and luster will deepen and it will become more familiar to you.

シビラ Greige Misty Greige
シビラ Ash Misty Ash
シビラ Iris Misty Iris
シビラ Chocolate Misty Chocolate
シビラ navy Misty Navy
シビラ Black Misty Black

External dimensions: Approx. W90 x H91 x D9 mm (thickest part when 5 cards are stored)
Maximum capacity: 15 banknotes, 6 cards, 20 coins
Product weight: approx. 33 g
Leather : Vegetable tanned leather from Italy
Country of manufacture: Japan
Intellectual property: Patent pending
     Design registration No. 1659078
     Design registration No. 1659079
     Design registration No. 1670259
     International design registration (China, EU, US, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia)
     Trademark registration No. 6253419
     International trademark registration (EU, US, China, Korea, Taiwan)

Please use the wallet in portrait orientation.
All photos and videos used in the product description are for right-handed use.