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Thick leather thin wallet

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Hospitality Selection 2019

Hospitality selection

It is highly valued for sublimating Japan's unique culture and aesthetics into simple designs.Hospitality Selection 2019"Was selected.

~ What is hospitality selection ~
Japanese hospitality quality selected by judges from around the world.
This award is given to outstanding hospitality products that represent Japan, born from delicate care and craftsmanship.

HITOELong wallet color lineup

Special specifications for soft touch [Velluto]

"Velluto"(Veldt)" is an Italian word meaning velvet or velvet. "HITOE L-zip L Velluto"Vachetta leatherUses oil nubuck with a short brushed silver surface.
It features a soft and comfortable touch and an elegant, matte expression.
Aging is very fast, brushing of the rubbed part calms down and color and luster increase.

HITOE®Past achievements

SYRINXHITOE®The series has achieved numerous records such as the highest amount of crowdfunding in Japan for wallets, and is now attracting a lot of attention.

The long wallet, which has updated the domestic highest amount of wallet (* as of January 2019, 1), has been significantly upgraded this time. "HITOE It was reborn as "L-zip L".

Simply (only), that's it

"I want to go out lightly with my hands without having a bag!"
To make that feeling come trueHITOE® The series was born.

"Light and comfortable comfort"

Functionality, portability, storage capacity.Combine theseHITOE®I'm sure it will enrich your life.

HITOEIn hand

"Thinness stands out"HITOE®(Single) structure "

HITOELong wallet structure

The wallet is thick because the cards and coins overlap.The solution to this is "HITOE®(Single) structure "(registered design by the Japan Patent Office).Cards and coins are not stacked, they are distributed horizontally, and they are overwhelmingly thinner than conventional wallets.
In addition, there are more than 10 common leather wallets.HITOE®Is only 4 sheets.This is the smallest wallet that can hold the coins and cards investigated.
20 bills, 15 coins, and 16 cards. Even with this much storage, the wallet is about 15mm thick. For a typical wallet, 30mm or more. It is overwhelmingly thin.

HITOEComparison of thin wallets

Challenge to "thick leather"

This leather is characterized by its moist texture, where oil penetrates deep into the fibers. If thinly strained, the original texture of the leather will be lost and the strength will deteriorate.
"Leather is thick, but the wallet is thin." We challenged and reached this contradictory challenge.HITOE®. For the exterior, "genuatsu" leather with a thickness of about 2 mm, which allows you to fully enjoy the original charm of leather. However, the central wallet is only 7mm thick. It is a "thin wallet" of "thick leather" that has never existed before.

Thick leather

To a one-of-a-kind existenceHITOE Upgrade to L-zip L

HITOE L-zip L makes full use of the many voices received from the previous model and thoroughly improves the points of concern.It has been reborn as a wallet that is not only thin but also has plenty of space.

Improvement XNUMX Thinner and smarter

"I want to insert a little more cards."
Improve based on the voice sent to the long wallet of the previous work.
In the previous work, up to 1 cards could be put together in one pocket. However, the larger the number, the thicker and more bulky it becomes difficult to find the card you want.
So instead of multi-pockets, we increased the number of card pockets to two. By distributing cards in two places, even more cards can be used "thinner and smarter".
The hint wasHITOE It is L-zip S.Due to prior concerns, the extremely shallow coin pocket received many favorable evaluations, saying that it was "easy to use" without any negative opinions.Supported by that voice, I drastically made the coin pocket shallower and increased the number of card pockets to two.

HITOEInside long wallet 2

Improvement point XNUMX Custom-made puller

The fastener puller is an original tool whose mold is custom made to YKK. A simple design consisting of straight lines and arcs, and no logo on the table. It is hard to be caught in the pocket, unnecessary force is not applied to the slider, and durability has been increased.
The logo is engraved small on the back to make it inconspicuous. It is convex and also serves as non-slip. When viewed from the side, the thicker tip is the result of sticking to the pinch.
Although it is a small part, SYRINX's philosophy on design is condensed.

Original puller

Improvement point XNUMX Polishing edge

The edge of the leather edge has been polished.
We are worried that the edge of the paint that is generally adopted will crack or peel off over time. It takes time, but there is no need to worry about polishing the edge, and the more you use it, the more it tastes.


6 thoughtful ease of use

01 Smartphone, passport, bank passbook

A typical long wallet is too thick to fit in a smartphone.However, even if it is packed, it is thinHITOE®If so, you can carry your smartphone in your wallet.A large iPhone XS Max is also included.
"HITOE®I started using "", and my commuting changed first.You no longer have to carry a bag to carry your wallet and iPhone, and now you just commute with this wallet in your pocket.And when you go out for lunch on weekdays, play with your kids on weekends, shopping ...HITOE®"only.You can realize a free-handed life with both hands, and there is no hassle.
It can also store bank passbooks and passports, and can be used overseas as a passport case and wallet.


02  The shallower coin pocket is easier to use

If the coin pocket is deep, it will not be possible to find and remove coins smoothly.HITOE®With the shallow and wide coin pocket, you can quickly find and retrieve the coins you need.If you close the zipper, you don't have to worry about coins spilling.Although it is shallow, it can store plenty of 20 coins.There is plenty of room to put in the maximum number of coins when using coins without waste, 999 yen = 15 coins (* photo).

Shallow coin pocket

03 Plenty of cards

There are two card pockets.Next to the coin pocketHealth insurance card used with cash, point card, etc.BelowIt is convenient to store a license or credit card used alone.
When you close the zipper, you don't have to worry about accidentally dropping an important card.

Generous cards

04 Smartless, convenient double fastener

A special fastener with sliders at both ends has been adopted.
If there is only one slider, the card under the coin pocket cannot be used unless it is wide open. Double fasteners provide quick access with minimal movement. There is no need to worry about suddenly dropping coins.
If you open the two fasteners to the side of the coin pocket as shown in the picture, you can use the card and cash all at the same time.

Butt-fitting fasteners

05 Shape easy to put in and out of pocket

HITOE®Has a thin stitch on one end.Therefore, putting it in and out of the pocket is smooth without getting caught.


06 Durable fastener EXCELLA

YKK's top-level fastenersEXCELLAAdopted.EXCELLAIs a fastener with extremely high dimensional accuracy and little play in meshing. For this reason, it may be hard to start using the product, and you may feel a little bit caught, but by using it, it will gradually become smoother.
The cheaper the fastener, the greater the play of the dimensions and the lighter the movement. However, the bite is sweet and can cause bites, disengagement and trouble. Carefully polished the entire surface of the element one by one, exquisite EXCELLAIs the best zipper you can use for a long time.


Careful tailoring by Japanese leather craftsmen

SYRINX's lean minimal design requires high precision. For this reason, SYRINX products are not mass-produced in factories, but carefully selected from small workshops in Japan that have high technical skills, and we have carefully realized SYRINX's commitment.

Kurashiki workshop

The joy of opening the box

Delivered in a special-sized just-in-size box that can be used during storage. It is also ideal for gifts.

Just size makeup box

Product Specifications

Dimensions: About W.180 x H.99 x D.7mm (center) 20mm (gusset maximum)
Product weight: Approximately 115 g
Leather: made in ItalyVegetable tannin tanned leather (Vacetta manufacturing method)
Production: Japan
Accessories: Italian Plant Tannin Tanned Leather Association Quality Certificate
     Cosmetic box
     Instruction Manuals
Intellectual Property: Design Registration No. 1637888
     International Design (China) Registration No. 5338009
     The Hague International Design Registration DM / 203565


* For product warranty and handling precautionshereto see the available categories of products and services.

Italian Vachetta leather

The "Vachetta method" has been used in the Tuscany region of Italy since the beginning of the 9th century. Leather tanned with natural tree tannins and thoroughly impregnated with oil. Vachetta leather is used in the greasing processBeef leg oilIts main feature is to use it with its unique flexibility.Beef leg oilDoes not easily penetrate the leather, and it takes time to soak into the fibers. However, once penetrated, it is hard to come off, and you can enjoy moisturized and glossy leather quality almost permanently.
With its smoothness that sticks to it, it has a beautiful and deeply beautiful color and stands out among the many Italian leathers.

Deepening colors and aging

Vivid and transparent coloring is done only with dyes. The scratches and stains remain as they are because they are not hidden by embossing or pigment. However, the fact that you can enjoy the texture of raw leather as it is is the proof that it is the highest quality natural leather. Please accept scratches and stains as a unique character.
The leather finished with dye deepens the color as you use it, and you can enjoy aging. When it comes to aging, there is no leather to the right of Vachetta leather. It is beautiful, and the color and luster deepen in a short time.
Because it is a leather that grows together, it is also a great gift for a new start such as enrollment, promotion, or employment.

"VellutoAging example

"VellutoThe leather used for "" is oil nubuck with brushed silver surface (front side), which is stronger than suede with brushed floor surface and can be used for a long time.It is velvety and soft to the touch, and contains a lot of oil, so aging progresses very quickly.The more you use it, the more calm the brushing becomes, the more glossy it becomes, and the deeper the color becomes.

Agave Agave(Agave)A: From the shallow sea to the deep sea.
Piombo Piombo(lead): From greige to deep dark brown with reduced saturation.
Viola : From vivid mauve to deep purple.
Giallo Giallo(yellow): From bright yellow to amber.

No oil care required

I think that the surface of ordinary leather is shiny from the beginning. However, the oil on the surface volatilizes over time, loses its luster and becomes dry. That is why regular oil care is essential.
This leather has a matte look with no luster. This is because even if you do not apply oil to the surface, the oil will soak into the fibers and the leather will not dry. The more you use it, the oil contained inside will ooze out from the pores and coat the epidermis to give it a glossy appearance. Therefore, no oil care is needed.
Please note that adding ready-made leather oil may cause the leather to become over-oiled and become too soft.
Doing nothing and giving the leather a moderate stimulus is the best maintenance.
The surface is soft and easily scratched because it is not coated, but some scratches will recover naturally if rubbed with a finger. Deep wounds become familiar with aging and change into leather texture.

About white powder

Since it is a very oily leather, the oil component that oozes out from the pores may become white powder depending on the temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions.
This is the same phenomenon as bridle leather bloom, etc., not a product defect.
It is especially noticeable in winter, when the temperature is low, and it may look like a mold, but it can be easily wiped off with a soft cloth. (Parts that are difficult to remove finely, such as stitches, disappear when heated.)
These symptoms are one of the good properties of oily leather. We appreciate your understanding.

The cows that are the source of this leather are grazing and bred so that they can grow healthy without stress.This leather isA delicate finish is applied so that you can enjoy the original charm of high-quality leather.Therefore, wrinkles and scratch marks that originally existedA "living proof (natural mark)" may be engraved.The Natural Mark is a proof of good quality natural leather, and as you use it, it becomes the unique taste of the product.

Rose wound / bloodline


It is a trace of small scratches and insect bites when bumping or fighting.The more you grow up in an environment closer to nature, the more you grow.Depth, length, and size vary depending on the individual.

Blood line

It is often found after blood vessels, especially on the floor.



It is a trace of deep wrinkles that are often seen from around the neck to along the spine.Italian leather is popular because it is said that the more tigers there are, the more beautiful it is.The fiber density around the spine is the highest, and there is no problem with strength.

Color unevenness

Color unevenness

Color unevenness may occur due to differences in fiber density.Due to the unevenness of the leather quality, it is unavoidable as long as the leather is a natural material.
Please note that it is a unique leather personality.

If SYRINX products are used for their original purpose within the scope of common sense, a warranty period of one year from the date of purchase is provided for material and structural defects.
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