HITOE® FOLD ARIA --Special Model -

¥ 33,000 ¥ 38,500

Produced in small quantitiesHITOE® FOLD ARIASpecial limited model.
(The plan for mass production is undecided)

Uses French chrome tanned leather.
It is durable, resistant to scratches and dirt, and is resistant to water stains.

Navy Blue: HAAS --DARBY --Calfskin leather
Oyster Gray: DEGERMANNCompany --DAUPHIN --Calfskinleather
Bordeaux: ALRANCompany --SULLY --Goatleather

HAAS is a tanner founded in 1842 in the Alsace region of France, which is rich in nature.While preserving the tradition from the family business era, we are making the best leather by making full use of the latest technology provided by the large capital that is now under the umbrella.

DEGERMANNCompanyLocated in the immediate vicinity of HAAS, it is the oldest tanner in France with a history of over 300 years.

ALRAN The company is located in Mazamet, a small town in southern France.It is a tanner that has been producing high quality goat leather for over 100 years.It features beautiful grain formed by hand by skilled craftsmen.


■ FoschiaCompared to the series, leather is lighter and softer.
* All are right-handed specifications.

Product Specifications

External dimensions: Approx. W9.0 x H9.1 x D1.0 cm
     When storing 5 banknotes, 5 cards, and coins as appropriate
Maximum capacity: 15 banknotes, 15 coins, 6 cards
Product weight: Approximately 29 g
Leather: Made in France Chrome tanned leather
Production: Tokyo (Japan)
Accessories: XNUMX skimming prevention card

The cows that are the source of this leather are grazing and bred so that they can grow healthy without stress.This leather isA delicate finish is applied so that you can enjoy the original charm of high-quality leather.Therefore, wrinkles and scratch marks that originally existedA "living proof (natural mark)" may be engraved.The Natural Mark is a proof of good quality natural leather, and as you use it, it becomes the unique taste of the product.

Rose wound / bloodline


It is a trace of small scratches and insect bites when bumping or fighting.The more you grow up in an environment closer to nature, the more you grow.Depth, length, and size vary depending on the individual.

Blood line

It is often found after blood vessels, especially on the floor.



It is a trace of deep wrinkles that are often seen from around the neck to along the spine.Italian leather is popular because it is said that the more tigers there are, the more beautiful it is.The fiber density around the spine is the highest, and there is no problem with strength.

Color unevenness

Color unevenness

Color unevenness may occur due to differences in fiber density.Due to the unevenness of the leather quality, it is unavoidable as long as the leather is a natural material.
Please note that it is a unique leather personality.

If SYRINX products are used for their original purpose within the scope of common sense, a warranty period of one year from the date of purchase is provided for material and structural defects.
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