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Minimalist A4 case to expand your ideas
(Design registration pending)

Hasamu® A4 is a tool for creatively expanding your thinking and formulating ideas by carrying half the size of A4 paper and writing freely as it opens.

A Tool for Expanding Ideas

The impetus for the development of this product was the desire for people to use a tool that allows them to think freely. More and more people are using digital tools from the start when formulating ideas. However, there are time lags and functional limitations in the process of launching an application, selecting a tool, and inputting information.
The hand is a tool directly connected to the brain. Nothing beats pen and paper for the sensation of directly expressing what you think in your head and getting immediate feedback. That stress-free situation is important for creatively expanding your thinking and formulating ideas.
However, if you jot down ideas as they come to you in a notebook or sketchbook, you will quickly run out of pages. It is also difficult to delete unneeded pages and to store large quantities of them. In the end, many of you may have hesitated to write, and not even used up the last page.

More easily, more freely.

The Hasamu® A4 was born to fulfill this desire.

Hasamu® A4
Effective use of the paper backing

Another motivation for product development was environmental measures. Hasamu® A4 was created to make effective use of waste paper backing.
However, when we actually started using the product, we made an unexpected discovery. Regular A4 paper is versatile and convenient, but with lined paper, you can freely write anything you want without worrying about missing anything or the number of sheets at all.
To develop ideas, it is important to be able to write without stress. Effective use of lined paper is one of the best options for this.

Just insert A4 paper.

You can use A4 paper, the most common standard, between the two sides of the paper. Simply insert both ends of the paper into the pocket.
There is no need to fold, punch holes, or do any other tedious work.

用紙をセット Simple structure of just inserting paper

Half the size, small to carry.

You never know where an idea will strike you. That is why it is important to make it easy to carry. Folded in half, it can be carried in A5 size, and opened to a flat A4 size, so it can fit in a small bag that does not hold A4 documents.
It can also hold pens, so there is no need for a pen case.
It is crease-resistant and can be used as a document case.
(If you press too hard, a crease will remain.)

MacBookAirとのサイズ比較 Size comparison with an A4-size notebook computer

Big and comfortable

To expand your ideas, you need a large, seamless surface. Minimally sized pockets on both ends expand your writing area and allow you to utilize paper without waste.
In addition, comfort is important to use the product well with love.
The flat design with no extra parts or bumps serves as a smooth writing leather desk mat.

紙押さえ Minimally sized paper pockets

You can choose your favorite paper.

Square paper, manuscript paper, ruled paper, blank paper, loose-leaf paper, and lined paper. The
A4 size makes printing easy. You can find ruled paper, graph paper, calendars, and various templates on the Internet.

Free original templates are also available, such as for perspective drawings.

さまざまな用紙 Original template for two-point perspective

Flip and browse

You can flip the paper and browse it like a book by inserting only one side.

めくる Presentations can also be made by inserting materials between the two sides.

Minimalist design

The body, pen holder, and paper holder are all made of one smooth continuous piece of leather.
No hardware is used at all. The pen clasps securely and prevents the pen from losing its shape.
The pen holder is long enough to protect your favorite pen from scratches. Slim pens with a diameter of approximately 10 mm or less can be used.

ペンホルダー Three-stage butterfly stopper

Careful detailing

The simpler the design, the more important the detail.
Fine lines (nen) are carefully placed around the perimeter, and the leather cross section (koba) is carefully polished and beautifully finished after dyeing.
The floor (back side) of the leather is also carefully polished to minimize fluff and unevenness.

コバ Careful finishing of the koba

Save your writing when you are finished

When you are finished writing, you can file the necessary papers or store them in the cloud. The A4 size is easy to handle, and the crease-resistant design prevents paper jams when scanning with the ADF (Automatic Document Feeding) function, making scanning smooth.

コピー機 Smooth scanning with ADF

Dimensions: approx. W350 x H225 mm (when open) Maximum capacity: 15 sheets of A4 copy paper Product weight: approx. 50g Leather : Cowhide Country of manufacture : Japan Intellectual Property: Design registration pending


"Liscio" means "smooth" in Italian. The leather used in this series is "Vacetta leather", which has been handed down in Tuscany, Italy since the beginning of the 9th century. This leather is tanned with natural tree tannins and carefully soaked with oil. The biggest feature is that it mainly uses neatsfoot oil in the greasing process, and it has a unique suppleness. Neatsfoot oil does not easily penetrate into leather, and it takes time to penetrate deep into the fibers. However, once it penetrates, it is hard to come off, and you can enjoy the moisturized and glossy leather quality almost forever.
With its sticky smoothness, it is beautifully deepened in color and stands out among the many Italian leathers.

Deepening color gloss and aging

Vivid and transparent coloring is done with dyes only. Scratches and stains are not hidden by embossing or pigments, so they remain as they are. However, the fact that you can enjoy the texture of raw leather as it is is proof that it is the highest quality natural leather. Please accept the scratches and stains as a unique personality.
The more you use the dyed leather, the deeper the color becomes and you can enjoy aging. When it comes to aging, there is no leather to the right of Vacetta leather. It is beautiful and deepens the color in a short time.
Since it is a leather that grows together, it is also ideal as a gift for new beginnings such as admission, promotion, and employment.

Aging example

Smooth and sticky texture. There is a sense of transparency that shows the expression of the raw leather. The more you use it, the deeper the color and luster.

Camel Camel : The color of camel hair. Bright yellowish brown.
Chestnut Chestnut : Maroon. Reddish brown.
Teal Teal : The color of the duck's face. The blue-green color gradually becomes darker.
Black Black : From a matte look to a glossy black.

No need for oil care

The oil that has soaked into the fibers oozes out from the pores as it is used, coating the surface and giving it a glossy appearance. Therefore, no oil care is required.
Please note that adding ready-made leather oil may cause the leather to become too oily and too soft.
The best maintenance is to do nothing and give the leather a proper stimulus.
Since it is not coated, the surface is soft and easily scratched, but some scratches will heal naturally if you rub it with your finger. Even deep scratches become familiar with aging and change to a leather texture.

* A delicate finish is applied so that you can enjoy the original charm of high-quality leather. Therefore, there is a possibility that natural marks such as wrinkles and scratches that originally existed may appear.

SYRINX products are made of carefully selected materials. Please handle with care for long-lasting use.
Due to the finish that brings out the texture of the raw hides, there may be scratches, uneven coloring, stains, or wrinkles on the surface. Also, please note that due to the delicate surface, there is a possibility that slight scratches, press marks, abrasions, etc. may be found during the manufacturing process.

Care of the vacchetta leather

No oil care is required for products just received. Vachetta leather contains sufficient oil inside the leather. When the surface of the leather is irritated, the oil contained inside seeps out from the pores and coats the epidermis, making it shiny. It also increases the waterproofing effect. Adding ready-made leather oil to the leather may cause it to become too soft due to excess oil.

The basic maintenance is to wipe dry. Use a soft cloth or leather brush.

If the surface becomes dry after prolonged use, we recommend using a wax with wax and oil as its ingredients.

Since leather is very delicate to water and easily deformed by moisture, we recommend the use of a fluorine-based waterproofing spray. (However, please use at your own risk.)

Please refer to the following page for the spraying instructions with pictures.
Waterproof Spray Method

    Because tanned leather is dyed and finished, its surface is very delicate and easily scratched. However, if the leather is used with care, scratches and stains will gradually become a part of its texture. Daily wiping with a soft cloth and brushing are recommended, but the best maintenance is to use the leather and give it the proper amount of stimulation.

    Other points to note

    • Size may change slightly with use.
    • Color fading may occur. Please be careful not to combine with light-colored clothing.
    • Color and texture may vary depending on the lot and part.
    • Due to changes in temperature and other factors, oil and fat components may appear white on the surface. It can be removed by lightly rubbing the surface.
    • When storing the product for a long period of time, please air dry the product regularly with a soft cloth to prevent mold from forming.
    • The contents should not be left in place for long periods of time, but should be removed periodically to allow airflow inside.
    • The color of the product may look slightly different from the actual color of the product depending on the monitor environment.

    The official SYRINX online store ships products Monday through Saturday (excluding New Year's holidays and national holidays). 11,000 yen or more orders can also specify a delivery date and time. Please see below for details.

    In addition, we have stopped using plastic-derived outer bags and replaced them with paper sleeves to protect the environment. We ask for your understanding that scratches and other defects may occur to the paper sleeve during storage and transportation.

    Shipping charges

    • 0-10,999 yen: Post 440 yen (tax included)
    • 11,000 - 21,999 yen: Home delivery 880 yen (tax included)
    • 22,000 yen or more: Free home delivery

    Shipment date

    Orders placed by mid-morning Monday through Saturday (excluding New Year holidays and national holidays ) will be shipped the same day in the evening.
    Delivery may be delayed if there is an error in the delivery process. The most common causes of delivery processing errors are date/time specification for post delivery, postal code errors, missing city/town names, and telephone number errors.

    Please note the following.

    • Postal delivery time and date cannot be specified. If the total value of the order is less than 11,000 yen, the order will be shipped by post, and if you specify a date and time, an error will occur in the delivery process and the shipment will be delayed.
    • For corporate customers, the specified date and time will not be reflected in the delivery.
    • The specified date and time will not be reflected outside of Japan. (This service is not available for shipments outside of Japan.)
    • You can specify a delivery date and time from 2 days after the next business day. (This service is not available for shipments outside of Japan.
    • Time can only be specified for pre-order items. The specified date will not be reflected.
    • For delivery to Okinawa and remote islands, the specified date and time will not be reflected.
    • The specified date and time may be subject to change due to the delivery company's circumstances.

    Thank you for using SYRINX.
    For the following requests, please contact us from " Inquiries " with the email address and order number at the time of ordering.
    Only products purchased directly from the official website are supported.
    Crowdfunding terms and conditions take precedence over the products you are looking for in crowdfunding.

    In addition, we make effective use of the leather we receive from our precious lives as much as possible.
    However, if the returned product has a trace of use, it cannot be resold even if it is repaired, so there is no choice but to discard it. Therefore, exchanges and returns are limited to unused items. When the product arrives, please be sure to check that there are no problems before using it.


    1 year warranty

    SYRINX products come with a "Spontaneous Failure Warranty (all or part of the functions cannot be used due to a defect)" for one year after the product arrives. It is applied when it is damaged even though it has been used normally. This warranty covers defects caused by inadequate materials and manufacturing methods. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or neglect of necessary maintenance, and scratches / wear caused by normal use. In addition, regarding replacement due to initial failure, we will rely on the "Initial Defect Guarantee" described later.

    • YKK's Excella fasteners are initially hard because they have high dimensional accuracy and few gaps. It will become smoother and smoother.
    • Please do not put sharp objects.
    • If it is stored too much, the leather may stretch and deform, or the stitched parts may be overstressed and damaged.
    • Peeling of adhesive is considered wear due to normal use.
    • Due to reasons such as non-repairability or trouble during repair, we may replace it with a new one or issue a gift certificate equivalent to the purchase price.
    • Please bear the shipping fee to us.
    Initial defect guarantee

    All SYRINX products will be exchanged or refunded in full for 7 days after the product arrives if there is a mistake or initial defect. However, if any of the following items apply, we will repair or refund the product price for functional defects, and we will return the scratches and aesthetics as they are by cash on delivery.

    • Products used by customers
    • Products that have been damaged, soiled, or processed by the customer
    • When accessories such as product boxes, tags, and manuals are soiled, damaged, or lost

    * Please send it to us by cash on delivery (please pay from outside Japan).


    All SYRINX products are repaired so that you can use them for a long time with peace of mind.

    • We will check the state of the defect at our shop, and if repair is possible, we will inform you for a fee.
    • In the unlikely event of trouble during repair, we may replace it with a repaired product and send you a new one.


    In-stock items are processed automatically, so we cannot accept cancellations or changes after your order has been placed. However, you can cancel your reservation order on the official website until it arrives at the delivery warehouse. Please see "About pre-orders" for detailed conditions.


    We accept returns of unused items for any reason. Please contact us within 7 days after the item arrives. Please bear the shipping fee to us.
    After confirming that the returned product is unused, we will refund the product price (shipping fee is not applicable) to the settlement account.

    If the package you sent cannot be delivered due to an incorrect delivery address or storage expiration date, it will be treated as a return. We will deduct the round-trip shipping fee and refund it to the settlement account.

    We cannot accept returns if any of the following items apply. Please note that we will resend the item by payment.

    • Products used by customers
    • Products that have been damaged, soiled, or processed by the customer
    • Made-to-order products such as build-to-order manufacturing, repair and customization
    • Products purchased by crowdfunding
    • Outlet products / sale products
    • When accessories such as product boxes, tags, and manuals are soiled, damaged, or lost

    [Return address]

    Mita Hills 201, 4-13-18 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    (* We do not support telephone calls, so please use the form on the "Inquiry" page for inquiries .)

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