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Hasamu® A4 -Liscio-


Minimalistic A4 paper cover to expand your ideas
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An A4 paper cover for creatively expanding your thinking and formulating ideas.
Luxurious high quality leather, seamless writing area, smooth writing feel of leather.
And the minimalistic design.
The familiar A4 copy paper evolves into the most uplifting tool.

Analog advantages not found in digital tools

More and more people are using digital tools from the beginning when developing ideas. However, there are time lags and functional limitations in the process of selecting and inputting tools and going through interfaces.
The hand is a tool directly connected to the brain. It directly expresses what you think in your head, and you get immediate feedback through your senses. There is nothing better than pen and paper for this. This stress-free stimulation is important for expanding your thinking creatively.
However, if you write down every thought that comes to mind, you will quickly run out of pages in both notebooks and sketchbooks. You cannot delete unneeded pages, and it is difficult to store them. In the end, many of you may have hesitated to draw while organizing your thoughts, and have not used up all of the pages.

We want to make it easier and freer.

The Hasamu® A4 was born to fulfill this desire.

Hasamu® A4

Effective use of backing paper

Another motivation for product development. Another motivation for the development of the product was to make effective use of the backing paper, which used to be discarded.
However, when we tried using the backing paper, we realized that we could freely draw anything on it without worrying about the number of sheets and the number of misspellings. What is important for developing ideas is to be able to write without stress. Lined paper is one of the best options.

Just insert A4 paper.

Use several sheets of A4 paper, the most common standard, between them. Simply tuck the ends of the paper into the pockets.
There is no need for folding, punching holes, or any other tedious preparation.

用紙をセット Simple structure of just inserting paper

Half the size, carry smaller

You never know where an idea will strike. That is why it is important to make it easy to carry. Folded in half, it can be carried in A5 size, and opened to a flat A4 size, so it can fit in a small bag that does not hold A4 documents.
It can also hold pens, so there is no need for a pen case.
It is crease-resistant and can be used as a document case. (If you press too hard, a crease will remain.)

MacBookAirとのサイズ比較 Size comparison with an A4-size notebook computer

Big and comfortable

A large, seamless surface is important for expanding ideas. The pockets on both ends are minimally sized, and there is no crease in the center, allowing you to make great use of your paper.
Comfort is also important for your patronage.
The flat design with no extra parts or bumps allows you to enjoy the smooth writing experience of a leather desk mat.

紙押さえ Minimally sized paper pockets

You can choose your favorite paper.

Square paper, manuscript paper, ruled paper, blank paper, loose-leaf paper, and lined paper. The
A4 size makes printing easy. You can find ruled paper, graph paper, calendars, and various templates on the Internet.

Free original templates, such as for perspective drawings, are also available.

さまざまな用紙 Original template for two-point perspective view

To a prestigious presentation

You can draw documents and perspectives in front of your clients and hand them over on the spot. An ordinary A4 copy paper is transformed into a prestigious presentation tool.

SYRINX Drawing Contest 2022 SYRINX Drawing Contest 2022 Grand Prize
"Meeting Perspective" by Yokota

Flip through to browse

By inserting only one side of the paper, you can flip the paper to browse and present your work as if it were a book.

めくる Presentations can also be made by inserting materials between the two sides.

Minimalist design

The body, pen holder, and paper holder are all made of one smooth continuous piece of leather.
No hardware is used at all. The pen clasps securely and prevents the pen from losing its shape.
The pen holder is long enough to protect your favorite pen from scratches. Slim pens with a diameter of approximately 10mm or less can be used.
Below are some recommended pens.

Seven recommended pens

ペンホルダー 3-stage butterfly stopper

Careful detailing

The simpler the design, the more important the detail.
Thin lines (nen) are carefully placed around the periphery, and the leather cross section (koba) is carefully polished and beautifully finished after dyeing.
The floor (back side) of the leather is also carefully polished to minimize fluff and unevenness.

コバ Careful finishing of the koba

When you are finished writing, you can save it as is.

When you are finished writing, choose the paper you need, file it, or save it to the cloud. The A4 size is easy to handle, and the crease-resistant design makes scanning with the ADF (automatic document feeder) smoother and less likely to result in paper jams.

コピー機 Smooth scanning with ADF

Smooth texture

Liscio is an Italian word meaning "smooth.
The silver surface is smooth and fine, with natural unevenness in color due to the dye finish, giving it an elegant and tasteful leather-like appearance.

The leather used is vacchetta leather, which has been used in the Tuscany region of Italy since the early 9th century. The leather is tanned with vegetable tannin and soaked with oil slowly, so that you can enjoy its almost permanent moisture and gloss.

The aging process of vacchetta leather stands out among other Italian leathers, and the color and luster of the leather deepens beautifully.


CamelCamel: The color of camel hair. A light brown with yellowish tints.
ChestnutChestnut: Chestnut. A reddish brown.
Teal Teal : The color of a duck's facial hair. The blue-green color gradually darkens.
Black Black : The leather gradually turns from matte to glossy black.

Natural Mark

Animals are bound to have scratches, stains, insect bites, and other blemishes.
In ordinary leather, these are covered up with pigments and enamels.

However, this leather is dyed to preserve the original texture and feel of the leather. Therefore, the following "living proofs (natural marks)" are often engraved on the leather.

These are the unique characteristics of natural materials and are not defects. However, each person has his or her own taste in the appearance. If you wish, we can replace them. If you wish to exchange the item, please check the exchange section of " Warranty, Repair, Cancellation, and Returns" before proceeding.


The cows that are the source of this leather are raised on pasture so that they grow up in a healthy and stress-free environment. Therefore, there are many small scars and insect bites from bumps and fights. These scars are "rose scars. The better the leather grows in a natural environment, the better the quality of the leather, but the more rose scars there will be.

They are scattered throughout the leather and only small parts can be removed if they are avoided. Therefore, they are often found on large parts.

This is a unique expression of natural leather that can never be seen in man-made materials.


The most common sign that a leather is natural and not man-made is the "blood streak", a pattern unique to natural leather.

These are the traces of blood vessels under the skin. Some are faintly visible on the silver surface, some remain as light wrinkles, and some are clearly visible on the floor.


A long stripe pattern created when the complex shape of an animal is flattened into leather. It is called "tiger" because it looks like the stripes of a tiger.

Tigers are especially common around the neck, and since this leather is shoulder, tigers are frequently seen. The area around the spine, where there are many tigers, has a high fiber density and the leather is of good quality. Flat, wrinkle-free leather is not necessarily better quality.

In Italian leather, tigers are a very popular characteristic that enriches the look of the leather.


Pores and hair follicles remain in the leather and are called "pinholes.
The leather is often seen as a natural expression, especially when the leather is only dyed and has little surface treatment, as in this case.

Dimensions: approx. W350 x H225 mm (when open)
Maximum capacity: 15 sheets of A4 copy paper
Product weight : approx. 110 g
Leather :Cowhide
Country of manufacture : Japan
Intellectual Property: Intention 2022-005318
     Intention 2022-005319

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