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Hasamu® A4 Aria -Etretat


Premium model in limited quantities

Specially tailored with the highest quality French calfskin and the finest technology.
Only 10 pieces of each color are available in this premium, limited-quantity model.

Minimalist A4 case to expand your ideas
(Design registration applied for)

To expand your creative thinking, it is important to be able to express and directly recognize your thoughts without any time lag. For this purpose, paper and pen, which can be used quickly and intuitively, are more suitable than digital tools.
However, if you write down your thoughts as they come to you in a notebook or sketchbook, you will quickly run out of pages. Unnecessary pages cannot be deleted, and the sheer volume makes storage difficult.
Many of you have probably hesitated to write in your notebooks or sketchbooks and never used them all up.

We want to make it easier and freer to use the pages.

The Hasamu® A4 was born to fulfill this desire.

Hasamu® A4 ARIA

Aria" is as light as air.

軽い - Hasamu® A4 ARIA

Aria" means "air" in Italian. It also means a lyrical solo song in opera and religious music.
Like air, you forget it even exists. Yet it is beautiful and full of originality.

Highest Quality Manufacturing Process

All parts of the Hasamu® A4 Aria are made of thin leather glued on all sides. This is the most luxurious technique for leather products. Two thinly stripped pieces of leather are pasted together to create a stronger, lighter, and thinner finish. It takes a great deal of experience and skill to create a finish that gives the illusion of a single piece of leather without lifting or flexing even when folded.
To enhance the writing experience, the interior is made of fine, soft, smooth leather.

ベタ貼り - Hasamu® A4 ARIA

The finest details

The simpler the design, the more important the details.
The outer edge of the leather is stitched just barely wide enough, and the cross section of the leather (the edge) is carefully polished and beautifully finished after dyeing.
Etretat spares no effort in polishing the leather to enhance its durability and beauty, in pursuit of the highest level of detail.


Just insert A4 paper

A4 paper, the most common standard, can be inserted between the two pockets. Simply insert both ends of the paper into the pocket.
There is no need to fold, punch holes, or do any other troublesome work.


Half the size, carry smaller.

You never know where an idea will strike. That is why it is important to make it easy to carry. Folded in half, it can be carried in A5 size, and opened to a flat A4 size, so it can fit in a small bag that does not hold A4 documents.
Pens can also be set in it, so there is no need for a pen case.
It is crease-resistant and can be used as a document case.
(Strong pressure will leave a crease.)


Large and comfortable

To expand your ideas, you need a large, seamless surface. Minimally sized pockets on both ends expand the writing area and allow you to utilize paper without wasting it.
Flat design with no extra parts or unevenness, it functions as a leather desk mat and is smooth to write on.


You can choose your favorite paper.

Square paper, manuscript paper, ruled paper, blank paper, loose-leaf paper. The
A4 size makes it easy to print. You can find ruled paper, graph paper, calendars, and various templates on the Internet.

Free original templates, such as for perspective drawings, are also available.

We recommend lined paper. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but you can also write whatever comes to mind without worrying about the number of sheets, making it perfect for brainstorming ideas.


Flip and browse.

You can flip the paper between one side and browse like a book.


Minimalist design

The body, pen holder, and paper holder are all made of one smooth, continuous piece of leather.
When closing, the pen clasps directly onto the penholder, which is held securely in place by a three-stage butterfly stopper to prevent the pen from losing its shape.
The pen holder is large enough to protect your favorite pen from scratches. Pens with a diameter of 10 mm or less can be used.


Keep it when you are done writing

When you are finished writing, you can file the necessary paper or save it to the cloud. The A4 size makes it easy to handle and prevents paper jams when scanning with the ADF.


Coast of Normandy, France

Etretat is a coast with limestone cliffs in Normandy, France.
The gentle light and the calm and poetic scenery of the coast have attracted impressionist artists such as Monet.

The chrome-tanned stamped leather is colored in two shades of gray to give it depth of expression. Resistant to scratches, stains, and water, it is virtually non-aging and will remain beautiful for a long time.
It is made of fine-grained, high-quality French soft calfskin.

Limestome Limestone
Oyster Oyster
Normandy Blue Normandy Blue
Matte Black Matte Black

Dimensions: approx. W350 x H225 mm (when open)
Maximum capacity: 15 sheets of A4 copy paper
Product weight : approx. 95 g
Leather :Cowhide
Country of manufacture : Japan
Intellectual Property: Intention 2022-005318
     Intention 2022-005319

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Pen holder size is too small

As the title says. My current Lamy pen did not fit in it.

Thank you very much for purchasing this product among many others.
We are very pleased that you purchased a new product that has not been evaluated by the market.
Although the rating of 2 minus stars is severe, we will take your feedback seriously and use it as a reference for future product development.
Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.
As stated in the product description, the pens that can be stored in this product are slim pens with a shaft diameter of up to 10 mm. We would appreciate it if you could take this into consideration.