Fluorine-based waterproofing sprays are available for leather goods.
We recommend the use of waterproof sprays to prevent water stains when touched by wet hands and expansion and contraction due to moisture and oil volatilized from the body. (Use at your own risk.)
The product can be used in both new and much-used conditions.
However, even with waterproofing, the product is still vulnerable to water, so please wipe off water as soon as possible when it gets wet.

The following is a concrete explanation of the spraying method.

1 Spraying

The spray to be used should be a general waterproofing spray for leather and clothing made from fluorine.
Spray thoroughly until the entire surface is moistened. Uneven application may result in staining.
When spraying, place something under the wallet and let it float slightly to prevent the liquid from spreading to the underside.
The color will darken immediately after spraying, but will return to its original color when dry. (If you touch the
leather before the waterproofing agent dries, the marks of your fingers may stain the leather, so please be careful not to touch the leather after spraying until the waterproofing agent is completely dry.

Spray the entire area thoroughly in this manner.
It may look uneven because it penetrates the leather immediately, but once the entire surface is moistened.
For waxed leather, you may spray leaving the white wax on the surface.
When wet with the waterproofing agent, it will appear to have melted away, but once dry, the white wax look will return.
It can also be sprayed inside.
Even if air bubbles appear as shown here, they will not leave a mark as long as the wax is thoroughly wetted.

2 Allow to dry

After spraying, allow to dry in a well-ventilated shade. The wet feeling on the surface will disappear quickly, but it will take a full day to completely dry out. Please refrain from using the product until then. If the interior of the purse is also sprayed, it will be divided into areas that are not coated and areas that are coated, but the drying process is complete when the uneven color at the border between the two areas has almost disappeared.

After spray drying. Blooms will return to normal again.
The inside of the wallet is now almost back to its original state, with no unevenness in color between the uncoated areas and the coated areas.