HITOE® Fold-Liscio -Compared to-Aria――We will sort out the new points.

1 Thin and durable
By making the thickness of the leather as thin as possible and laminating the silver surface, the durability is improved and the leather is significantly thinner than before.It weighs less and weighs only about 33g.It is the lightest class.

Use condition viewed from an angleleft:Liscio right:Aria

2 Addition of bill holder
We have added a bill holder that has received many requests.
With a simple design integrated with the stopper, the durability of the wallet has also been improved by sewing it with the outer leather.
Also, the stitch on the short side of the stopper was a place with a heavy load,It is no longer possible to integrate the bill holder and stopper.Reducing stitches and avoiding heavy load on stitches are important points of view for a long-lasting product.

Use condition viewed from an angleleft:Liscio right:Aria

3 Smooth inside
All parts up to the inside are solid.The back side is also silver (leather surface), making it easy to put in and take out banknotes.

Use condition viewed from an angleAll the inside is also solid finish

4 even smaller
The size that was small has been reduced by 2 mm in width and 2 mm in length.

Palm sizePalm size

5 Left-handed specifications
We will also release left-handed specifications that have been requested by many people.