Japan's “wrap” hospitality for an important presentation

Minimal design

In Japan, there is a culture in which important things are carefully wrapped, such as furoshiki, fukusa, and bonito bags used for gifts. Unlike clothes that have holes in their bags, Japanese clothes that are wrapped around a cloth can be said to enclose the body. The document case was designed from the traditional Japanese aesthetic of "wrapping".
It folds a piece of leather beautifully like origami and wraps up to A3 size materials and laptops. The act of carefully extracting materials from that special case adds foil to the presentation.

Leather charm and simple design

Minimal design

"Because it is an important material, wrap it in the best material"
The leather used for this document case is braided, taut and smooth to the touch. And the more you use it, the more beautiful and delicious it changes.
The high-quality leather is luxuriously made with a single piece of leather of about 705 x 430mm while keeping the original thickness of the leather to the fullest.
Products made with heavy leather tend to be larger and more casual, but with a simple design with flowing edge lines, they have an elegant atmosphere.
In addition, there is no stitching, so there is no waste in size, and the folded leather is made to the absolute minimum, just by fastening it with hook hardware.

A4 size up to A3

Because it is a case designed by the architect, it can carry A4 (w.3 h.420 mm) drawings, materials, and scores without folds. Also contains A297 catalogs, brochures and clear holders (w.4 h.220 mm).

Evolved into a minimal bag

Minimal design

Presentations and meetings need more than just documents. Tablets and laptops are now a must.
Small items such as pen cases, business card holders and wallets can be used with confidence on the deep pocket side.
We wrap it all together gently, and go to the presentation with this case alone.
Up to 13-inch MacBookPro (h.1.49 w.30.41 d.21.24 cm), MacBookAir (h.1.56 w.30.41 d.21.24 cm), 12.9-inch iPad Pro (h.5.9 w.21.49 d.28.06 cm) Can be stored.

Careful tailoring by skilled Japanese leather craftsmen

Minimal design

SYRINX's lean minimal design requires high precision. For this reason, SYRINX products are carefully tailored by skilled domestic craftsmen one by one to provide the quality and security of MADE IN JAPAN. The hardware is a solid Japanese brass hook with high reliability. The more you use it, the more it tastes.
The inside of the hook hardware is covered with leather so as not to stain or damage the items.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: About W.225x H.320 x D.30
Product weight: Approximately 400 g
Material: Leather (Tempesti Sibilla, Italy)
Production: Minato-ku, Tokyo (Japan)
Accessories: Italian Plant Tannin Tanned Leather Association Quality Certificate
Makeup box
instruction manual
Intellectual Property: Design Registration No. 1595192

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