What is SYRINX Ambassador?

Together with us, we are looking for people who will actively disseminate information on blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. in order to convey the appeal of SYRINX to as many people as possible.
If you are a "SYRINX Ambassador", please make an entry.

* Products are not provided free of charge. (New products and prototypes may be rented.)
* Please note that we will not request any review articles with affiliates or other merits.
* Please refrain from reviewing free rental listings on sites with many affiliate links.
* Registration may be canceled without notice. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

SYRINX Ambassador Benefits

Benefit 1 Pre-sale of new products We may inform you of priority sales of new products.

Privilege 2 Information on various events and projects We invite you to various events and projects.

Privilege 3 Sample rental of new products and prototypes
You may be able to try new products and prototypes as soon as possible.

How to register

Please send the following contents from the form below. After examination, we will contact you if you are registered as an ambassador. (Please note that we will not notify you if you are rejected.)

・ Media URL to be introduced, SNS account ・ Self-promotion