Lock the key with fine leather. Just that.

Tie with leather

A minimalistic design that is simply sandwiched between V-shaped leathers. (JPO Design Registration No. 1623076)

How to bind keys like never before

Tie with leather

It is the strap that binds the key. Conventionally, metal rings are connected and bulky.
The "tie" key case ties the keys compactly with the softness of the strap.
With a gentle touch, you can put in and take out the key with one hand while holding your luggage.

Any number of keys, from 1 to 10


Since the length of the strap can be adjusted, the number of keys is free. Up to about 10 can be bundled.

Stand up

The keys can be set up by bundling a few keys, so the keys do not spread out on the desk.

How to use

XNUMX pass


If there is a metal ring, remove it and pass the key directly through the strap.

2 tie


Loosely put the strap through the three holes, then tighten the strap, it will be tightly tied and unravelable.

3 cut


Cut the excess strap with a cutter knife.

* The straps are longer to flexibly accommodate the number of keys.
* The key can hold a key up to about 6cm. Car keys and smart keys of apartments may not fit.
* The strap has a width of 5mm, so the width of the key hole should be about 5mm.
* Please note that it is difficult to change the key if the strap is cut too short.
* The straps are slightly extended and thin with use.
* Not suitable for frequently changing keys.

History of development

development of

"It's too big and the pockets are too big"
"I damaged the fabric in my pocket."
"Can't be used with one hand"
This is a problem that I felt in existing key cases.
The “tie” key case solves these issues at once with a minimal design.

development of

The hardest part was how to lock the keys.
Initially, the key was to be fixed with screw hardware. The design was simple, but there was a problem when I tried it for a long time.
・ When the number of keys is small, hardware sticks out of the case.
・ Since the key is rotated, the screw is easy to loosen while using.

development of

If the screw comes off and the important key is lost, there is no source or child. So I came up with the idea of ​​tying it with a strap instead of using hardware.
However, the method of fixing the strap was a series of trial and error.
After 15 trial productions and months of trial and error, we arrived at a completely new way of tying, which is firmly connected with just three holes.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: About W.70 x H.33
Product weight: Approximately 10 g
Number of keys: 1 to 10
Material: Leather (Tempesti Elbamatt, Italy)
Production: Minato-ku, Tokyo (Japan)
Accessories: Italian Plant Tannin Tanned Leather Association Quality Certificate
Makeup box
instruction manual
Intellectual Property: Design Registration No. 1623076

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