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Japan's first mushroom leather.
The surface is not covered with synthetic resin, andthe natural coloring and unevenness of the mushroom's mycelium as it is, gives it an attractive look. The brownish area is the result of the mushroom's attempt to growand no two pieces are alike in terms of pattern and color shade.

Tanning and Manufacturing

Thin layers of mushroom mycelium are tanned and coated with a natural protein called casein, without dyeing or coloring. The natural finish makes the most of the individuality of the material.
Contains no PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PU (polyurethane), making it an environmentally friendly material that is recyclable and returns to nature.


Although the material is delicate to water, it has natural patterns and shades and blends well with stains and dirt. As it ages, the more it is used, the shinier it becomes.
Since it is less oily than cowhide, we recommend that you touch it often or maintain it regularly with Natural Beeswax.