Color aging

Smooth and sticky texture. There is a sense of transparency that shows the expression of the raw leather. The more you use it, the deeper the color and luster.

Natural Natural : A standard color. Gradually become a beautiful candy color.
Scarlet Scarlet : From bright vermilion to deep brick.
Taupe Taupe : From gray-brown to deep dark brown
Green Green : From a beautiful young leaf color to an olive color with a deep luster.
Dark Turquoise Dark Turquoise : The blue-green color gradually darkens.
Black Black : From a matte look to a glossy black.

About white powder

Since the leather is very oily, the oil component that has exuded from the pores may turn into white powder depending on the temperature, humidity, and ventilation conditions.
This is the same phenomenon as bloom of bridle leather, and it is not a defect of the product.
It is especially noticeable in winter and when the temperature is low, and it may look like mold at first glance, but it can be easily wiped off with a soft cloth. (Parts that are difficult to remove, such as stitches, disappear when warmed)
These symptoms are one of the good properties of oily leather. Thank you for your understanding.