HITOE's achievements so far

SYRINX's HITOE series is a wallet that has gained a lot of attention now, achieving a number of records, including the highest in Japan for crowdfunding of wallets.

The short wallet that received more support than the long wallet at Makuake is now upgraded. Reborn as "HITOE L-zip S", and updated the wallet crowdfunding maximum price of 23,157,200 yen in Makuake.
(* As of September 2019, 9).

HITOE color lineup

Simply (only), that's it

"I want to go out lightly with my hands without having a bag!"
The HITOE series was born to fulfill that desire.

"Light and comfortable comfort"

Functionality, portability, storage capacity. I am convinced that HITOE, which has these features, will surely make your life richer.


A small purse? Thin wallet?

What I wanted to make was a wallet that fits in my back pocket. A small wallet is convenient to put in a handbag or pouch. However, if you put it in your pocket, it will be thick and you will be worried about bulging. For a pocket or slim bag, a thin wallet is better than a small wallet.

Comparison with a small wallet

"HITOE structure" that stands out

Comparison of thinness

The wallet is thicker because the card and the coin overlap. The solution to this is the "HITOE structure" (patent office registered for design). Instead of stacking cards and coins, they are distributed horizontally, making them much thinner than conventional wallets.
In addition, there are more than 10 common leather wallets.HITOE is small4 pieces. This is the smallest wallet that can hold the coins and cards surveyed.
10 bills, 15 coins, 8 cards. Even with this much storage, the wallet is only 15mm thick. A typical wallet is 30mm or more. It is overwhelmingly thin.

Comparison of thinness

I don't give up even if it's thin

There are other "thin wallets". However, the number of cards to enter was 3-5, the cards were easy to drop, the coin pocket was too small, and it was never easy to use.
HITOE L-zip S does not compromise on thinness.
It can be stored even though it is thin. It has a simple structure that is both thin and easy to use.

Plenty of storage

Challenge to "thick leather"

It is easy to make a thin wallet once the leather is made thin. However, thin leather is inferior in durability and impairs the original texture of the leather. Use the leather as thick leather. But the wallet is thin. We challenged this greedy and conflicting challenge. The prototype was repeated many times, and finally HITOE was reached. For the exterior, a 2mm thick "Genatsu leather" is used to enjoy the original charm of leather. However, the thickness at the center of the wallet is only 7 mm. Unprecedented "thin leather" "thin wallet".

Thick leather

Upgrading to HITOE L-zip S to a unique presence

Taking advantage of the many voices received in the previous model, thoroughly improved the points of concern. Not only is it thin, but banknotes and coins have been reborn as wallets that can be used quickly.

Improvement XNUMX Ease of use of banknotes

The inside has been redesigned so that it is easy to use without breaking the bill. Banknotes and coins can now be removed from the same side. The clearance is also large, and banknotes can be used more conveniently and speedily.

Unfolded bill

Improvement point XNUMX Custom-made puller

The fastener puller is an original tool whose mold is custom made to YKK. A simple design consisting of straight lines and arcs, and no logo on the table. It is hard to be caught in the pocket, unnecessary force is not applied to the slider, and durability has been increased.
The logo is engraved small on the back to make it inconspicuous. It is convex and also serves as non-slip. When viewed from the side, the thicker tip is the result of sticking to the pinch.
Although it is a small part, SYRINX's philosophy on design is condensed.

Original puller

Improvement point XNUMX Polishing edge

The edge of the leather edge has been polished.
We are worried that the edge of the paint that is generally adopted will crack or peel off over time. It takes time, but there is no need to worry about polishing the edge, and the more you use it, the more it tastes.

Shallow coin pocket

6 thoughtful ease of use

01 Do not fold banknotes

Banknotes are used around the bottom of the wallet without folds. The trick is to pull out the whole banknote a little and then put it along the outside. Both banknotes and coins can be handled quickly.
(* Banknotes can be folded in two.)

02 The shallower coin pocket is easier to use

If the coin pocket is deep, it will not be easy to find and remove coins. HITOE's shallow and wide open coin pocket allows you to quickly find and remove the coins you need. If you close the zipper, there is no worry about coins spilling. A shallow enough 20 coins can be stored. The maximum number of coins that can be used without waste-999 yen = 15 sheets (* photos) can be afforded.

Shallow coin pocket

03 Convenient double fastener for both cash and cashless

Special fasteners with sliders on both the cash and card sides.
The card and cash can be accessed quickly with minimum operations, respectively, and there is no fear of suddenly dropping coins when using the card. Both cache and cashless can be used conveniently.
If you open the two fasteners to the side of the coin pocket as shown in the picture, you can use the card and cash all at the same time.

Butt-fitting fasteners

04 Plenty of cards

Cards are put together in one place and can store about 8 cards at a lean thickness. When you close the zipper, you don't have to worry about accidentally dropping an important card.

Generous cards

05 Shape easy to put in and out of pocket

HITOE has one end bound thinly. Therefore, putting in and out of the pocket is smooth without getting caught.

Smooth in pocket

06 Durable fastener EXCELLA

YKK's top-level fastenersEXCELLAAdopted.EXCELLAIs a fastener with extremely high dimensional accuracy and little play in meshing. For this reason, it may be hard to start using the product, and you may feel a little bit caught, but by using it, it will gradually become smoother.
The cheaper the fastener, the greater the play of the dimensions and the lighter the movement. However, the bite is sweet and can cause bites, disengagement and trouble. Carefully polished the entire surface of the element one by one, exquisite EXCELLAIs the best zipper you can use for a long time.


Careful tailoring by Japanese leather craftsmen

Japanese craftsman

SYRINX's lean minimal design requires high precision. For this reason, SYRINX products are not mass-produced in factories, but carefully selected from small workshops in Japan that have high technical skills, and have been carefully implementing SYRINX's commitment.

The joy of opening the box

Delivered in a special-sized just-in-size box that can be used during storage. It is also ideal for gifts.


Product Specifications

Dimensions: About W.109 x H.104 x D.7mm (center) 20mm (gusset maximum)
Product weight: Approximately 80 g
Material: Leather (Tempesti Elbamatt, Italy)
Production: Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture (Japan)
Accessories: Italian Plant Tannin Tanned Leather Association Quality Certificate
Makeup box
instruction manual
Intellectual Property: Design Registration No. 1637887
International Design (China) Registration No. 5338009
Hague International Design Registration DM / 203565

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