"HITOE® FOLD ARIA" is a flagship model that pursues materials, design, functionality, all without compromise. "HITOE® FOLD" has realized the concept with thick leather that allows you to enjoy the texture and aging of leather.

1 Material

"HITOE® FOLD" utilizes the characteristics of leather as it is and uses high quality thick leather. The leather floor (back side) is processed to prevent fluffing in order to make banknotes slippery.

"HITOE® FOLD ARIA" is both thin and durable by laminating thinly strained leather and making both sides silver. When you pick it up, it has a light finish.

Usage state seen from an angle Left: Liscio Right: Aria

2 sizes

"HITOE® FOLD ARIA" is about 2mm smaller in width than "HITOE® FOLD".

In both cases, the maximum number of leather layers is 5, but the total thickness of the leather is about 1 mm thinner for "HITOE® FOLD ARIA".

Palm size Palm size

3 configurations

"HITOE® FOLD" has 5 parts and 5 stitches.

"HITOE® FOLD ARIA" has 3 parts and only 3 stitches.

The difference is the presence or absence of stitches on the side of the wallet, and when loading and unloading banknotes from the side, "HITOE® FOLD" may feel stuck in the stitches compared to the smoothness of "HITOE® FOLD ARIA".