Q. Does the triangular leather with flap corners stretch while you use it?
A. The dimensions are determined by calculating that it will grow a little. By getting used to, it just becomes better.

Q. Are the coins overflowing?
A. When your wallet is closed, coins will not overflow. Even when opened, the coin pocket lid keeps the coins even if you face it down, so it does not overflow. I think that you can use it with the greatest confidence in the HITOE series.

Q. Is it surprisingly thick?
A. This applies to the HITOE series in general, but the thick leather used for the exterior makes it easier to feel thicker than the dimensions with a firm texture. Furthermore, since the leather is hard at first, the bend is easy to swell and the thickness is increased. If you can use it for about 2 to 3 months, the leather will gradually become familiar and thin.

Q. Why are coins jarring?
A. The reason is that coins can easily move from side to side. By using it, the leather becomes familiar, the wallet becomes thinner, and the sound calms down.
We considered reducing the gusset during product development. However, if it improves over time, we will consider using it for a long time and give priority to ease of use.

Q. Are the coins really aligned?
A. If you pack the coins to the full, there will be no space to move inside and it will be difficult to align. In addition, if there are few coins, they will soon fall apart once they are prepared. In other cases, shake left and right to align.

Q. What should I do with the receipt?
A. Please put the receipt on the bill. A lot enters unexpectedly.

Q. How many cards can be inserted?
A. Because leather is elastic, our staff uses 8 pieces. Initially it is quite hard, so we recommend up to 6 cards.

Q. What causes the first bill to shift?
A. This is due to uneven friction between the left and right, and the fact that your finger touches when you open it. Please use while adjusting it appropriately. In particular, if you bend it diagonally when opening and closing, the banknotes will be more likely to slip.
By using it for a while, the leather of the bent part becomes familiar and the wallet becomes thinner. Along with that, the bills are less likely to slip.

Q. How long does it take for the leather to adapt?
A. Thickness and hardness vary depending on the lot, and it depends on how it is used.