hazeLook like Foschia

"Foschia", an Italian word for "haze". A series with a white wax look like a haze.
The tannin tanned double shoulder is made of white waxed leather, and the white powder is called wax. The more you use it, the more the wax on the surface rubs and penetrates, and the haze becomes clear, giving the leather the original transparent look.

Sybilla aging

The leather has a firm impression on the surface while containing enough oil.
The shoulder is also a part that contains lots of rose scratches, uneven color, blood streaks and tigers (wrinkles), and you can enjoy the expression unique to natural leather.
No oil or wax is required, so no maintenance is required.

* Please note the transfer of wax to dark clothing.

Sybilla nero Misty Black
Sybilla navyMisty Navy
Sybilla t.moroMisty Chocolate
Sybilla papayaMisty Henna (brown)