Foschia: A foggy look Foschia)

Foschia" is the Italian word for "fog. The white wax gives the series a misty look.
The white powder is a wax called "bloom". The more you use the leather, the more the wax on the surface rubs off and permeates the leather, revealing the original transparent look of the leather, just like a morning mist clearing up.

シビラ エイジング

The leather has a firm impression with sufficient oil and a taut surface.
The shoulder is also a part of the leather that contains many rose scars, uneven colors, blood streaks, and wrinkles, allowing you to enjoy the expression that only natural leather can give you.
Since it contains sufficient oil and wax, no special maintenance is required.

*Please be careful not to transfer wax to dark-colored clothing.

Misty Black Misty Black
Misty navy Misty Navy
Misty Chocolate Misty Chocolate
Misty Brick Misty Brick (brown)