The highest peak of SYRINX

The flagship model of SYRINX, which employs the most suitable speaker unit for SYRINX, and has been created without compromising details. The central part of Benz, the highest part of cowhide, is luxuriously used for two horses. Reproduces the most delicate sound among SYRINX speakers.
Includes SYRINX AMP which is ultra-compact, high sound quality and energy saving.

Space is filled with a sense of reality

SYRINX's unique technologies (patent pending), such as leather enclosures and sandwich mounts, have been consolidated.
Soft leather enclosure eliminates resonance and resonance, and reproduces pure sound as it is.
The vibration-isolated sandwich mount blocks the sound inside and increases the responsiveness of the speaker unit.
High-quality full-range unit reproduces fine sound without missing.
Clear sound beyond the conventional rigid enclosure concept naturally spreads throughout the space, filling the space with a realistic sound image as if playing in front of you.

No matter where you listen

Because the sound spreads 360 degrees, you can experience a realistic sound image anywhere, regardless of your listening position, no matter where you listen.

Luxury materials and details

Skilled craftsmen in Japan are hand-sewn each needle carefully.

"Ultra-compact, high-quality, low-power" amplifier that overturns common sense

Amazing high-quality sound in the palm of your hand

Comes with a palm-sized, distortion-free powerful bass, and a clear mid-to-treble amp with no noise “ECO”.

Microminiature amplifier deployment photo

Speaker product specifications

Unit efficiency
90dB / W (1m)
Maximum input
Cowhide vegetable tannin tanned dye finish about 2mm
SUS 304 vibration finish
ベ ー
SUS 304 vibration finish diameter 20cm
Cylindrical part
Approximately 13.5cm in diameter approximately 84cm in height
Patent Office Patent (No. 6251926)

  • International shipping is not accepted.
  • The price is a set of two pieces.
  • Product images are images. It may be slightly different from the actual product. Please note.
  • This is an order-made product that starts production after receiving an order. It takes about 3 weeks to deliver the product.
  • Because natural leather is dyed using dye, there are scratches, wrinkles, and spots. There are differences in color depending on the production time.

Amplifier product specifications

Aluminum die cast base
Less than 0.1% (1W load 8Ω 1kHz)
SN ratio
Above 90dB
Rated input voltage
DC5V (USB-DC cable included)
3.5mm stereo mini jack
Body dimensions
W89mm D35mm H30mm * H55 including volume protrusion
Body weight
100 g
付 属 品
USB-DC cable
Speaker connection cable
Conversion adapter for general-purpose amplifiers (adapter for connecting to commercially available amplifiers)
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • If the input signal is too loud, it may cause sound cracking or failure. In that case, reduce the input signal or volume.
  • If you need more power, commercially available amplifiers are available.
  • USB AC adapter is not included.