Challenge to Genatsu leather

Most of the distributed leather products make leather thinly.
Unless leather is made, it will be difficult to flip and stitch. The thickness varies, making it difficult to make the product uniform. It is also common knowledge in the leather industry to think of thin leather as a back and forth as good quality.
SYRINX products are used as-is (genatsu) without leather as much as possible. Why stick to the original thickness?

First of all, the floor of Elba Mat is soaked with oil and is very beautiful. If you actually look at the leather, it will be wasteful to make it.

Second, Vaccetta leather features tannin and oil that penetrate deep into the fiber. As you use it, the oil inside comes out to the surface and gradually changes to a glossy look. Once thinly made, the characteristic oils and fats will be discarded.

Finally, vegetable tanned leather is weaker than chrome tanned leather. Thinly made vegetable tanned leather becomes brittle enough to tear when pulled strongly from both sides. Thickness is necessary for long use.

However, designing a product that requires precision with the original thickness, which varies in thickness, is a difficult task. 
If it is not a simple thing by removing elements, it will not be bulky.If there are few elements, the function will not work unless each element has multiple meanings.
The refined minimalism such as haiku, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, and Zen is an aesthetic sense unique to Japanese people.
SYRINX's products embody the beauty of Japan and realize rich functions with shaved and lean elements.You.

Tempesti Elbamatt

Elba mat

"Vaketta manufacturing method" transmitted to the Tuscany region of Italy from the early 9th century. Tempestee's Elbamat leather, which continues its tradition, is a leather that has been tanned with natural tannins and slowly soaked in oil. Vaccetta leather has the unique feature of using beef tallow in the fattening process and using no water at all, and has a unique flexibility. Tallow is difficult to penetrate into leather and takes time to penetrate deep into the fiber. However, once it penetrates, it is difficult to come off, and you can enjoy a luxurious and glossy leather almost permanently. Tempesti's patented Elbamat manufacturing method combines beef tallow and fish fat to infiltrate more oil into the leather.
Elbamat luxuriously uses only the torso (benz), which is the finest of the finest cow hides grown in the cold regions of the Nordic countries.
Elba mats infused with twice the usual amount of oil have a smooth, sticky, superbly beautiful color and luster and stand out among the many Italian leathers.
A member of the Italian Vegetable Tannin Leather Association.

Deepening colors and aging

Elbamat aging

The bright and transparent coloring of Elbamat is done with dyes only. Scratches and stains are not hidden by embossing or pigment, so they remain. However, it is proof that it is the highest quality natural leather that you can enjoy the texture of the hide. We hope that you accept wounds and stains as a unique personality.
The more leather you use, the deeper the color, the more you can enjoy aging. As for aging, there is no leather to the right of Vachetta leather. Above all, Elbamat's aging, which contains plenty of oil, is beautiful and deepens in a short time.
In Italy, leather-like natural texture is preferred, and the culture of enjoying aging is alive. Elbamat is one of the few Italian leathers that can inherit the Italian leather culture and enjoy its charm.
Because it is a leather that grows together, it is also a great gift for a new start such as enrollment, promotion, or employment.

Liscio aging example

The standard finish of Elbamat is the Liscio series, which means "smooth" in Italian. As its name suggests, it has a smooth, sticky texture. It is a basic texture of Elba mat, with a sense of transparency that shows the expression of the hide, with a great depth of color and luster.


Cammello(Camel): Classic color. Gradually beautiful candy.

Fragola(Strawberry): From bright vermilion to deep brick.

Piombo(lead): From gray brown to deep dark brown with low saturation

Lattuga(lettuce): From beautiful young leaf color to olive color with deep luster.

Agave(Agave): Blue-green gradually darkens.

Nero(black): From matte expression to gradually glossy black.

Texas Aging example

"Texas," reminiscent of the dry wilderness of Texas, USATexas) "Series. Oil nubuck with brushed silver surface (front side), more durable and longer lasting than suede with brushed floor. It is characterized by a soft and smooth touch like velvet and contains a lot of oil, so aging progresses very quickly. The more you use it, the more calm, the more shiny and the deeper the color.

Texas Agave
Texas Piombo
Texas Viola
Texas Giallo

Texas Agave(Texas Agave)A: From the shallow sea to the deep sea.

Texas Piombo(Texas lead): From greige to deep dark brown with reduced saturation.

Texas Viola (Texas violets): From vivid mauve to deep purple.

Texas Giallo(Texas yellow): From bright yellow to amber.

About Natural Mark

The cattle are grazed on the ranch so that they can grow healthy without stress. The cow is engraved with the "living proof (natural mark)" on the leather.
・ Scratch: Original skin scars, scratches and spots.
-Uneven color: The fiber density and thickness are different. Occurs depending on lots and parts.
Blood line: A streak pattern in which traces of blood vessels immediately below become dark.
・ Tiger: Streaky stripes at places where wrinkles tend to come close, such as near the neck
Normally, these are often hidden by embossing or pigments, but in that case the original texture of the leather is impaired.
Finishes that make use of the base material like Elbamat may have a natural mark, but it can be said that it is a proof of high quality natural leather.
We hope that you understand it as a unique personality.

cammello t-guingla cammello lattuga

(In order, scratches / color unevenness / blood lines / wrinkles)

No oil care required

Elbamat manufacturing process

I think that general leather has a glossy surface from the beginning. That's because the surface of the leather is oiled and finished in the final process. However, the oil on the surface volatilizes over time, loses its luster, and becomes crunchy. That is why regular oil care is essential.
Elba mats, on the other hand, have a matte look at first, as the name suggests. This is because a patented method of adding 1.5 to 2 times the normal amount of oil (about 20% of the hide) without applying oil to the surface, the oil penetrates into the fiber and the leather does not dry. The more oil you use, the more the oil contained inside will seep out of the pores and coat the epidermis, giving it a gloss. The waterproof effect also increases.
If you add the existing oil for leather, the pores will be clogged and you will have difficulty breathing, which will lead to the leather aging faster. Therefore, Elbamat does not require oil care. Waterproof sprays and other coatings are also prohibited. The leather cannot breathe and hardens.
Doing nothing and giving the leather a moderate stimulus is the best maintenance.
The surface is soft and easily scratched because it is not coated, but some scratches will recover naturally if rubbed with a finger. Deep wounds become familiar with aging and change into leather texture.
Due to the time and labor involved, few manufacturers currently produce Vachetta leather. Among the great leather nations, Elbamat is a rare presence that combines the original taste of leather with the ease of handling.

About white powder

Elbamat is a very oily leather, so the oil component oozing out of the pores may become white powder depending on the temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions.
This is the same phenomenon as bridle leather bloom, etc., not a product defect.
It is especially noticeable in winter, when the temperature is low, and it may look like a mold, but it can be easily wiped off with a soft cloth. (Parts that are difficult to remove finely, such as stitches, disappear when heated.)
These symptoms are one of the good properties of oily Elbamat. Thank you for your understanding.

Tempesti Sibilla

Tempestee's Sybilla, the same as Elbamat, is used for tanningDouble shoulderIs a white waxed leather. The wax on the surface creates a unique smooth touch, and the wax blends with the leather, creating a translucent luster and a unique aging experience.
The leather quality, while containing enough oil, has a firmer surface and a firmer impression than Elbamat.
The shoulder part is also a part that contains a lot of rose scratches and uneven color, blood streaks and tigers (wrinkles), and it is finished so that you can enjoy the expression unique to natural leather, so you can enjoy a unique expression I can.
No oil or wax is required, so no maintenance is required. (* Please be careful of wax transfer to dark clothing)

Aging example of Sybilla

Sybilla papaya
Sybilla t.moro
Sybilla navy
Sybilla nero

Papaya: Bright brown like ripe papaya

T.Moro (dark brown): Blackish brown hair with Italian meaning

Navy (dark blue): From pale color to deep dark blue

Nero(black): When wax is removed, it changes to glossy black

La Perla Azzurra Alaska(Alaska)


La Perla Azzurra (La Perla Azzurra) was founded in 1967 in Santa Croce, Tuscany, Italy, the birthplace of vegetable tanning. It is a long-established tanner that has been producing the finest Italian leather using thick, high-quality raw hides from France and kepracho tannin from Argentina, which has been carefully selected.
In Alaska, the surface is waxed and then put on a drum to create a textured texture. The expression is like a silvery Alaskan ice land. Wild natural grain is attractive.
As you use it, the wax on the surface will rub off and disappear. The original expression of leather appears, as in Alaska in spring when nature began to look out from white snow.
The feature is that it is hard to be scratched compared to Elba mat due to the surface wax and natural grain.
The color and luster deepen, and you can enjoy the real pleasure of aging.
A member of the Italian Vegetable Tannin Leather Association.

Alaska aging examples

Alaska birch
Alaska cammello
Alaska grafite

Birch(birch): The wax over the soft beige is reminiscent of birch bark.

Cammello(Camel): Classic color. The wax remaining on the grain is removed and gradually changes to a candy color.

Grafite(graphite): Dark gray like graphite appears from under the light gray color.

Alaska personality

Alaska has a wide variety of facial expressions, including not only scratches and spots, but also large grain, small grain, and almost no grain. Please understand that you do not have the same thing as one.

Alaska birch Alaska birch Alaska birch

Birch(In the order of almost no grain, uneven color, large grain)

Alaska cammello Alaska cammello Alaska cammello

Cammello(In order of small grain, scratch, medium, large)

Alaska grafite Alaska grafite Alaska grafite

Grafite(In the order of almost no grain, during grain, scratch, grain, and blood line)