About the care of leather

This product is coated with pigments on the surface of the leather, making it resistant to scratches, stains, and water, and requires no maintenance other than cleaning.

If you are concerned about surface dirt after prolonged use, we recommend using a commercially available cleaner (Columbus 500, etc.) for cleaning.

We also recommend the use of a fluorine-based waterproofing spray to further enhance water resistance.
The following page explains how to spray with pictures.

How to Spray Waterproof

Other points to note

  • Color and texture may vary depending on the lot and part.
  • When storing for long periods of time, please air dry regularly with a soft cloth to prevent mold from forming.
  • Do not leave the contents in place for long periods of time, but take them out periodically to air the contents.
  • Depending on the monitor environment, the actual color of the product may look slightly different from the color of the product.