SYRINX concept of skimming prevention

In addition to the already widespread transportation IC cards, contactless credit cards have also become widespread.Along with this, the need for skimming prevention functions is increasing.
However, on the other hand, some people say that touch payments are made only with smartphones and do not use contactless credit cards.In that case, you wouldn't want to sacrifice texture or thinness for unnecessary features.
To meet this conflicting demand, SYRINX decided to include a skimming prevention card instead of skimming prevention on the wallet itself. One card protects up to two contactless cards.It is ultra-thin and does not get in the way in your wallet.

* Colors vary depending on the lot and cannot be selected.

使用 方法

  • Keep the skimming prevention card in close contact with the non-contact IC card and put it in the card pocket before use.
  • There is a risk of skimming damage if there are other cards in between or if there are gaps.
  • Illegal reading is prevented regardless of whether it is stacked on the front side or the back side.It is also possible to protect two non-contact IC cards at the same time by sandwiching them between two.

* Since the attenuation rate (ratio of blocking electromagnetic waves) by this product differs depending on the frequency of electromagnetic waves, it does not block XNUMX%.
* We are not responsible for any damage or trouble caused by using this product.