For " Aria ", use thin leather "solid paste (entire surface glue)".
With the technique that is said to be the best luxury of leather products, two thinly strained leathers are glued together to make it stronger, lighter and thinner.
It takes a wealth of experience and skill to finish two thin pieces of leather without floating or bending when folded, giving the illusion of one piece.
Since no core material is used, the characteristics of leather vary greatly in units of 0.1 mm. In addition, the combination of leather to be bonded gives a different feeling of tension, from soft texture to strong elasticity.

Specifications are determined by repeating trial and error with various materials and thicknesses.

About aging

The leather used for the outer leather is tannin tanned double shoulder leather with white wax processing, and the white powder is wax called bloom. The more you use it, the more the wax on the surface rubs and penetrates, giving a transparent look.
The interior leather is the same color leather that has not been waxed. With a fine grained surface, it creates a beautiful gradation with the exterior when opened.

The shoulder is also a part that contains a lot of loose scratches, uneven color, blood lines and tigers (wrinkles), and you can enjoy the expression unique to natural leather.
It contains enough oil and wax, so no special maintenance is required.
The surface is delicate and vulnerable, but you don't have to be overly nervous. By picking it up and using it regularly, you will be able to get used to scratches and stains as well as deepening the color and luster.

Sybilla Greige Misty Greige
Sybilla Ash Misty Ash
Sybilla Iris Misty Iris
Sybilla Chocolate Misty Chocolate
Sybilla navy Misty Navy
Sybilla Black Misty Black