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Foschia Leather

Foggy look

Foschia is the Italian word for "fog.
This vegetable-tanned double shoulder leather is white-waxed to give it the look of a morning mist.
The more it is used, the more it rubs and permeates, giving it a translucent look.

The tanning material is made from the fruit of the tara plant, which is a legume native to South America.
It is rare and expensive, but it has the lightest color and lightfastness among vegetable tannins.
Since the leather can be tanned whiter than usual, the beautiful light color is achieved using only dyes, not pigments.


Shoulder is also the part of the leather that contains many rose scars, uneven colors, blood streaks, and wrinkles, allowing you to enjoy the unique look of natural leather.

The surface of the leather is delicate and prone to stains and scratches. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful not to put it in your pocket with other things.
As the leather is handled and used often, the color and luster will deepen, and scratches and water stains will become more familiar.
Light-colored leather tends to be softer than dark-colored leather, and scratches tend to be more noticeable.

シビラ Greige Misty Greige
シビラ Ash Misty Ash
シビラ Iris Misty Iris
シビラ Chocolate Misty Chocolate
シビラ navy Misty Navy
シビラ Black Misty Black