"D2C" Designer to Consumer

SYRINX employs a direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales model, which handles everything from product planning to sales to customers. By specializing in e-commerce sites, we are reducing the cost of physical stores.
A distinguishing feature of the many D2C brands is that they are brands launched by designers, not manufacturers or businessmen. That's why we specialize in exciting, edgy items.
"Designer to Consumer"
We deliver the ideal of the designer directly to the customer.

Cloud Funding

In general product development, various opinions such as designers, technicians, producers, and sales are reflected. The result is less risk, but less creative.
SYRINX directly asks the world of the designer's ideals by crowdfunding. As a result, we have commercialized highly evaluated products.
The total amount of support for crowdfunding from 2018 is1 million yenIs over. (* As of the end of February 2020)

Commitment to Made in JAPAN

Production is not mass production of factories, but carefully selected Japanese workshops with high technical skills suitable for items, carefully realizing SYRINX's commitment.
Skilled craftsmen sew each piece carefully, so the production volume is limited. Therefore, you may have to wait a long time before delivery.
If mass production is carried out at overseas factories, etc., it can be delivered to more people quickly, but in order to do so, details and quality must be compromised. That is not the direction that SYRINX aims for.
SYRINX's commitment is supported by your understanding.