Use up your life with care

Looking for good leather for sound Vachetta leatherIn Italy, a leather powerhouse, the color and luster due to aging are stunningly beautiful, and it is a rare existence that combines the original taste and ease of handling of leather.
However, cutting out the speaker from one piece of leather generates a large amount of offcuts.

"I want to use my life carefully."

From that thought, the development of leather items began.

High reputation at home and abroad

`` Leather x new ''With the key word "TSUTSUMU" and "HITOE", new leather items such as new concept are announced one after another.
These leather products have achieved record success in crowdfunding. In addition to the two major design awards "iF Design Award (Germany)" and "IDEA (US)", "A 'Design Award (Italy)" "DFAA (Hong Kong)" "Hospitality Selection (Sun)" It has been highly evaluated in Japan and overseas, including receiving awards.

Manufacturing utilizing materials

What we value in our products is the same as in architecture.
"To bring out the charm of the material."
The main attraction of this leather is its soft, soft, sticky, yet sticky hand.
In order not to impair this appeal, we try to use the original thickness without using leather.
I want to convey the real charm of leather to as many people as possible.