It all started with making speakers

"SYRINX" was actually born as an audio brand.
"Why architects have audio?"
This is a frequently asked question.
SYRINX speaker development was triggered by the fact that we could not find a speaker with satisfactory sound quality and design during design. Then, repeat trial and error to make it yourself, and arrive at a speaker with a soft body.

Leverage architectural knowledge

I was particular about the softness to make the sound clear. A soft material has no resonance and has a fast decay of vibration (good impulse response), so there is no reverberation. Therefore, the sound faithful to the sound source can be reproduced.
However, there are drawbacks. Soft materials are easy to penetrate sound, and the lower the tone, the easier it penetrates.
So I use my knowledge as an architect. In the soundproof room of the building, the sound is first sealed in the room with sound insulating material to confine the sound, and the sound is repeated inside the sound absorbing material to enhance the effect. It is ideal if the outer layer is made of a material that is flexible, has little resonance and reverberation, and has high sound insulation.

Encounter with ideal leather

Weight is required to enhance sound insulation. But heavy things get hard. Leather was the focus of the ideal material that satisfies these conflicting properties.
However, even leather is light when soft, and hard when heavy. For that reason, we examined many leathers in Japan and overseas, and sought out "soft and heavy leather" that is ideal for sound.
What came together was Vaccetta leather, made with traditional Italian recipes, which had a lot of oil, combined with softness and weight.
In this way, a dream speaker with minimal resonance, reverberation and sound leakage was born.

SYRINX is born

Sounds approaching from the front of conventional speakers are good for sitting at a specific listening point, watching a movie, or listening to music. However, it is not suitable for applications that fill the entire space with sound, such as BGM.
"SYRINX" is a speaker that harmonizes with space. The delicate sound faithful to the sound source spreads throughout the space like a musical instrument, and you can enjoy a realistic sound like a live performance wherever you listen.
Sound that transcends conventional concepts has gained a reputation, and in response to that voice, we have obtained a patent and created "SYRINX" as an audio brand.