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世界のデザイン賞11冠 Hitoe® Fold Aria - Foschia -

Light as air

Hitoe® Fold Aria

薄く、小さく、大容量Hitoe L-zip L

Thin, small, large capacity

Hitoe® L-zip L

未体験の薄さへ Hitoe® Fold Less - Foschia -

To the thinness that has never been experienced

Hitoe® Fold Less

アイデアを広げるHasamu® A4 -Liscio-

Minimalist paper covers to expand your ideas

Hasamu® A4 / A3

Even smaller and more complete

7/31 Crowdfunding Ends

クラウドファンディング終了 10/17まで

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Hitoe® Sextet

Aug. 4 Crowdfunding started

クラウドファンディング終了 10/17まで

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