Introduction to Showroom Anywhere

SYRINX has been offering the "Showroom Anywhere" service since the end of June this year.
The service has been well received and more than 200 people have already used the service.
Once again, we would like to inform you about this service.

The "Showroom Anywhere" service allows customers to send us samples of their products and actually use them for a few days.
The samples are made from products that have to be disposed of because they have scratches on the leather that make them unsalable.
We started this service because we want to use up the lives of the animals we receive with great care.

Users must bear the cost of round-trip shipping, but it is well worth the time and expense of actually going to the store. The company also issues discount coupons upon completion of service use.
There is no need to go to a distant showroom to check products with reserve and under the watchful eye of store clerks.
You can use it to the fullest anywhere in Japan, for a few days, with the contents inside.

Samples have already been used by many people, so there are many use marks (scratches, stains, and spots). (In rare cases, they may be freshly grated.)
However, you can mindlessly check the usability of the product, its functions, how it will lose its shape and deteriorate after use, and other aspects that are of real concern, but which you will not know until you buy it.

We would not be able to offer this type of service if it were difficult to use, ugly and misshapen, or if we were concerned about its functionality.
We can do this because we are confident in our products.

When the sample arrives, it may have many scratches and stains, and perhaps you may be a little disappointed. However, once you actually use the product and experience the ingenuity and philosophy behind the product, your impression will change drastically.

We hope that many people will get to know this service and SYRINX.