Leather of Ortensia Monocromo

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Hitoe Fold Aria -Oretensia
Hitoe Fold Aria -Monocromo-
The leather used for the "M" is very different from that used in the past.

All of our previous products were vegetable-tanned leather finished only with dyes. The leather is characterized by its transparency, color and luster that increases with aging, and moist texture, allowing you to enjoy the good qualities of leather. On the other hand, it has the disadvantages of being easily scratched and vulnerable to water and dirt.

The newly adopted leather is tanned with a synthetic tannin called white tannin. It is then barrel-dyed with dyes (aniline) and finished by spraying it with pigments five times. As a result, the leather is resistant to water, dirt, scratches, and heat, and shows almost no change over time due to aging.

The raw hides are single-butt, which is the back side of the girth. This is the part of the raw hides with the highest fiber density. The surface of the leather is treated by drum beating. The grain finish prevents scratches and wrinkles from showing and keeps the leather beautiful for a long time. Above all, single-butt fibers are delicate, so you can obtain a beautiful expression of fine wrinkles.