HITOE® FOLD -Liscio- General sales start

Hitoe® Fold -Liscio- has achieved the second largest crowdfunding record in Japan (55,481,020 yen*) for a wallet. Thank you very much for the large number of applications, which far exceeded our imagination. In order to respond to the voices of those who wish to purchase new wallets, we will start selling them to the general public at the following website.

*As of June 24, 2021,


series dominates the 1st to 3rd place in
's history.

-Liscio- 51,795,439

In addition, the total amount raised through crowdfunding for the Hitoe® series, including L-zip and other products, has exceeded 300 million yen.
We intend to start new challenges such as overseas expansion.
We look forward to your continued guidance and support.