Change the specification of Hitoe® Fold Aria

The Hitoe® Fold Aria has been very popular and has been out of stock for some time.

We are now offering a new version of the Hitoe® Fold Aria, which will be available in our next shipment.

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Change 1] Preventing cards from falling out

Similar to Hitoe® Fold Less, we will implement measures to prevent cards from falling. Cards will be less likely to fall out even when facing down.
The response to insertion and removal is also exquisite and comfortable.

Change 2] Change in size

The width has been shortened by 1mm to 89mm, the same as Hitoe® Fold Less.
The edges of the exterior, interior, and card are now pleasantly aligned, making it more difficult for the card to lose its shape when placed in a pants pocket. It also fits in the breast pocket of most shirts.

Hitoe® Fold Aria

Change 3] Foil stamping of the logo

The Hitoe logo will be changed to foil stamping (light gold). It will be completely hidden when the card is stored.

Hitoe® Fold Aria New

Change 4] Anti-skimming card will not be included.

The anti-skimming card that was included in the package is now sold separately to reduce plastic waste, since only a limited number of people will need it. Please purchase it if you need it.

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