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Article: Imaginary City" by Kota

「空想都市」by こた

Imaginary City" by Kota

We asked the illustrator Mr. Kota to draw "Imaginary City" using 2 Point Perspective, a template distributed free of charge by SYRINX.

空想都市 byこた

Unlike his previous works of imaginary cities, this is his first 2 Point Perspective work, and the perspective
created by 2 Point Perspective and the flat style of the drawing, which is not bound by perspective, create a powerful imaginary city that expresses Kota's unique worldview

The following items are hidden in this painting, so please look for them if you like...
(1) Three letters of "SYRINX,"
(2) A ropeway,
(3) A cable car,
(4) A shrine,
and (5) A "KOTA" sign



Born in 2001.Born in Niigata Prefecture.
Currently working as a picture book author and illustrator while enrolled in the Graphic Design Department of
Tama Art University.
Kosei-Dai-Shonkan (Aquarium of the Paleozoic Era), Oizumi Shoten
TABEMONO NO MACHI ABCity" Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions


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