About iPhone 11 compatibility

We are pleased to announce that HASAMU of SYRINX will support the iPhone 11, which was announced on September 10.

In terms of width + thickness, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is 0.3mm larger than the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 11 Pro is 0.9mm larger than the iPhone XS, so it will be slightly tighter at the beginning of use, but this will have little impact.

The leather is originally quite tight to allow for stretching, so please be patient with this.

Also, as a recent OS specification change, the screen will turn on by itself when the "Tilt to sleep" and "Tap to sleep" settings are enabled. Please turn off these settings before using the case.

Turn off "Tap to wake from sleep

Open [General] > [Accessibility] in the Settings app and turn off "Tap to wake from sleep".

Turn off "Tilt to wake up".

Open [Screen Display and Brightness] in the Settings application and turn off "Tilt to wake up".