Toward a completed functional beauty


Hitoe® Fold -Liscio-" became the highest crowdfunding* in Japan for wallets. (* As of October 12, 2020) This
much-talked-about product is now even easier to use, thinner, smaller, lighter, stronger, and more beautiful as the new "Aria" series.

The refined design and the finest craftsmanship have been sublimated into a breathtakingly perfect functional beauty.

A left-handed model will also be released in response to numerous requests.

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ARIA" is as light as air

HITOE Foldと手の大きさの比較

Aria" means "air" in Italian. It also means lyrical solo singing in opera and religious music.
It is thin, light, and airy. And yet, it is beautiful and full of originality.

Aria " is made of thin leather, glued on all sides.
This technique is said to be the highest luxury of leather products. Two pieces of thinly stripped leather are pasted together to make it stronger, lighter, and thinner.

The outside is white waxed leather, and the white powder is a wax called bloom. The more the leather is used, the more the wax on the surface rubs off and permeates the leather, giving it a transparent look.

HITOE Foldの斜視図
A completely lean layout.

Regarding sales schedule

Specific dates, sales methods, and prices will be announced at a later date. (There is a possibility that we may conduct a campaign such as pre-sale.)
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Design Modifications

The product was already in the early stages of mass production, but we found a few things we wanted to correct, so we decided to start over from the die-cut. One of the major changes is that the width of the wallet will be reduced.
There will be no major changes in appearance, but product photos will be replaced at a later date.