Announcement of new work

The new "HITOE Long Wallet 2 L-zip" will be available on Makuake from November 8. Based on the many comments received on the previous model, we have made thorough improvements to the points of concern.
It is now thinner and sleeker.
It will be reborn as the one and only wallet that does not compromise on both storage capacity and thinness.
In addition, we will hold a pre-registration campaign. In addition to a limited number of returns at a special price, those who pre-register for the newsletter on the official SYRINX website will also receive a special bonus.
Please consider signing up at the following link: https:

The special model of "HITOE Short Wallet 2 L-zip", which recorded the highest price in Japan on Makuake, will be available for pre-order from October. The following three versions are available. Pre-registration campaign will also be held.

  1. HITOE Short Wallet 2 L-zip Business" will appear on Nikkei Newspaper and Future Shopping from October 18.
  2. HITOE Short Wallet 2 L-zip Natura" will appear on GREEN FUNDING from October 11.
  3. HITOE Short Wallet 2 L-zip Velluto" will be on BOOSTER & CAMPFIRE from October 4th.