Genealogy of "small thin wallet"

The first generation Hitoe Fold, which was redesigned and completed in 2021,
is very
dear to our hearts.
We would like to take this opportunity to look back at the epoch-making role played by the first Hitoe Fold.

Before the Hitoe Fold, we have identified the following six small wallets that do not overlap cards and coins.

circa 2008? Sartore Wallet (Sartore)
2009.12 Thin Wallet (Value Innovation)
2017.01 Commodore (ULYSSES)
2018.06 Hitoe L-zip S (SYRINX)
2018. 11 Piastra (MPIU)
2019.09 Jitan (JACAJACA

All of them were slightly roomy in size, including a card pocket that could hold a business card.
Without them, Hitoe Fold might not have been born.

Then, in November 2019, the patent application for the inner hook was completed and the minimalist "small thin wallet" Hitoe Fold was launched.
In a crowdfunding campaign conducted to show the world its value, 1,200 units were sold in just 5 minutes after the start of the campaign. In just 18 days, 3,500 units, enough for one year's production, were sold out, forcing an early closing at 51,795,439 yen, the highest ever in Japan. It became a very big topic of conversation. (The photo shows a prototype made in-house at the time of the product launch.)

With the Hitoe Fold, the market trend from "thin wallets" to "small thin wallets" changed dramatically.

After a gap of several months since the release of the Hitoe Fold, a number of similar wallets suddenly appeared on the market from a number of companies. In addition to thinness, compactness is also a selling point, and the card pocket has been transformed into a just-right size for credit cards. The short flap of the coin pocket was copied by many brands, showing how the Hitoe Fold's streamlined design was epoch-making and had a strong impact on the market.

However, to date, only the Hitoe Fold Aria (78.54 million yen) and Hitoe Fold v.2021 (55.48 million yen) wallets have surpassed Hitoe Fold's clafane record.

The lineage of "small thin wallets" opened by the Hitoe Fold was complete at its inception.

Then, in November 2021, Hitoe Fold Less, the thinnest in the series, was launched.
The challenge of the Hitoe Fold continues to this day, with its bold specification of three cards, which is ahead of its time.

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