Genealogy of "small thin wallet"

The (first generation) HITOE FOLD has redesigned and finished its role. (The photo is a prototype produced in-house at the time of product announcement)
It is a product that we are very fond of.
Let's look back at the epoch-making role played by (the first) HITOE FOLD before it was forgotten as a thing of the past.

Changes in wallets where cards and coins do not overlap

2009.12 abrAsus "Thin wallet"
2018.06 SYRINX "HITOE L-zip S"
2018.11 M + `` Piastra''
2019.09 HUKURO "JITAN"

2019.11 SYRINX "(1st generation) HITOE FOLD"

2020.03 Kobo artigiano "USUHA"
2020.04 Plows "Rectus 2"
2020.06 com-ono "SLIM005"
2020.08 Living with leather "kotowari mini"
2020.09 GANZO "Minimum wallet"
2021.03 Atelier_moku "Saku"
Many others

The abrAsus "thin wallet" is a pioneer in this category. Although it was original, it was very complete and lasted for a long time. Our "HITOE L-zip S" opened the Pandora's box. From there, a new history of thin wallets began.
(1st generation) Before the announcement of HITOE FOLD, we are aware of all 4 works. Both were a little large in size, and the card pocket was large enough to hold a business card.

Then, in November 2019, the (first generation) HITOE FOLD was announced at the same time as the patent application. There was a big response, such as the monitor sales being sold out in a few seconds.

With this (first generation) HITOE FOLD as the boundary, the trend will change completely from "thin wallet" to "small thin wallet". (1st generation) After a few months from the announcement of HITOE FOLD, wallets of the same category have appeared one after another. Selling thinness and compactness, all its card pockets are transformed into "card just size". You can see how the lean compactness of the (first generation) HITOE FOLD was epoch making.

Only HITOE FOLD ARIA (78.54 million yen) and (new model) HITOE FOLD (55.48 million yen) set the record (51.79 million yen) of this (first) HITOE FOLD crowdfunding. (HITOE FOLD series monopolizes 1st to 3rd place in Japan)
It can be said that the genealogy of the "small thin wallet" opened by (first generation) HITOE FOLD was already a complete form at the beginning.