Genealogy of "small thin wallet"

The first generation Hitoe Fold, which was redesigned and completed its role in 2021
(the photo shows an early prototype made in-house that was used for the product launch in 2019.11),
is very

dear to our hearts.

We take this opportunity to look back at the epoch-making role that the first Hitoe Fold played.

We have conducted a detailed research and found the following six thin wallets that do not have overlapping cards and coins before the Hitoe Fold. (If you have any other information, please let us know.)

Around 2008? Sartore Wallet (Sartore)
2009.12 Thin Wallet (Value Innovation)
2017.01 Commodore (ULYSSES)
2018.06 Hitoe L-zip S (SYRINX)
2018. 11 Piastra (MPIU)
2019.09 Jitan (JACAJACA

All of these wallets feature thinness.
However, they were not designed to be "small wallets," as the card pocket can also hold business cards.

Then, in November 2019, at the same time as the completion of the patent application for the inner hook, we released the "small thin wallet Hitoe Fold," which pursues a minimalist design.
In the crowdfunding campaign conducted to show its value to the world, 10 million yen was raised in just 3 minutes after the start of the campaign. The crowdfunding campaign ended early in 18 days due to unstable leather imports caused by Corona, even though it recorded the highest amount in Japan (51,795,439 yen). The waiting time for reservations reached up to a year and a half.

Such a huge response and buzz caused a complete change in the market trend from "thin wallets" to "small thin wallets.

After a gap of several months since the launch of the Hitoe Fold, companies suddenly began to introduce similar "small thin wallets" one after another. Many of them have three-dimensional gussets, card pockets that have been transformed into credit-just-in-time sizes, and short flaps for coin pockets.

To date, however, only the Hitoe Fold Aria (78.54 million yen) and the Hitoe Fold v.2021 (55.48 million yen) wallets have surpassed the Hitoe Fold's crafan record.
The first generation Hitoe Fold was epoch-making, opening the lineage of "small thin wallets.

SYRINX aims to be not just a product for everyone, aimed at a wide audience, but one that sticks deeply, even if narrowly, and from which new markets can be expanded.

In November 2021, we introduced Hitoe Fold Less, the thinnest in the series.
With its drastic specification of three cards, which is ahead of its time, Hitoe Fold's challenge continues to this day.

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